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If you are looking for a slot that is all about gameplay and fun, rather than one with movie-style graphics and 3D surround sound, then More Chilli slots might well be the game for you.

Along with it's sister game, More Hearts, this was one of the surprise hits of the year in Las Vegas in 2011 and is still incredibly popular today. We love this game, especially when you hit a good bonus round.

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Free More Chilli Slots

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More Chili Slots in Vegas

By now, all of the good casinos throughout the USA have More Chilli (and More Hearts) in them. What's amazing is that even though this game has been out for a while, it is still difficult to get to play the game sometimes, it's that popular.

As far as gameplay goes, More Chilli is very refreshing - it's a real step back to when fun gameplay was the most prized aspect that a slot machine could have. No flash graphics, movie clip, no 3D surround sound, no special chair and no big brand. It's plain, it's simple and it is just plane fun!

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So, what is the most fun part? Well, it has to be the cartoon style characters, the comments they make and the bonus round. The bonus can pay out some incredible wins, see the video above and the videos on out More Hearts page too, to see what we mean.

Imagine getting four slot machine spinning away, each of them with 3 reels full of wild symbols - a few of those spins and you are made for the evening!






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