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More Hearts Slots

Probably one of the biggest surprises during 2011 was More Hearts slots (as well as it's sister game called More Chilies). It's been a massive hit in Las Vegas right into 2012 and goes to show that you don't need amazing sound and graphics to be a good game - all you really need is good, compelling gameplay and a great bonus round!

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More Hearts Slots in Vegas

More Hearts is now in all of the casinos in Vegas (at least all of the casinos we've been to). It took some time for that to happen, presumably because the game was such a surprise hit. I can imagine they thought it would appeal to a niche market, get a cult fan-base, like so many old-fashioned style games, but the fact it appeals to so many people must have come as a bit of a surprise.

Without doubt, the big appeal of this slot machine is the bonus round. It's a free spin bonus round that hits when you get a number of Heart symbols on the screen, but can also hit by complete random.

Amazingly, a lot of players I have seen only think they 'deserve' the bonus when they hit it by getting the Hearts, but seem to feel guilty when they get it at random - don't feel guilty - enjoy it!


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