Tarzan Slots Online and Real Money Casino Play

Tarzan Slots

Tarzan Slots Online and Real Money Casino Play

Tarzan slots must be the most loved slots ever made by Aristocrat in Vegas. The big appeal for this game is no doubt the wheel bonus and with versin 2 of the game, this has been taken up to a whole new level.

Although the regular Tarzan slots game can go for long periods without paying much, when you hit the bonus you generally get a pretty big win, especially if you start to hit the multipliers.

Tarzan Slots in Vegas

Sometimes you don't even have to play a slot to give you great memories. Sometimes, when you watch other people playing, you can get great entertainment.

I wish I could have filmed the elderly woman I saw in Terribles casino, Las Vegas, last year (of course, you can't film people in casinos!) - she stood up during the bonus round, punching the air as if she was Tarzan fighting the apes!

Each and every attack from the apes saw her punching, throwing and shouting at the screen, as the bonus points (and cash win) built up and up.

By the end of the bonus, this lovely lady must have had 50 people surrounded watching her - boy, was she surprised when she turned around at the ened of the bonus to see how many fans she had accumulated!


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Tarzan Slots Bonuses and Features

The Tarzan slot is pretty famous for some of the great features. The bonuses feature the monkey, elephants, Jane and of course, Tarzan himself. The cutest of the bonuses is the mystery one where the monkey flies across the screen, shoots back up and then hands out a prize - it doesn't normally pay much, but is fun to watch.

Better than the monkey feature, is the elephant one. When you feel a rumbling in the chair, you know the elephant stampede is about to happen and with it, hopefully, a big win.

there is also a bonus where Tarzan swings across the screen. Again, this is a random feature that can happen at absolutely any time during the game. As Tarzan swings across, he deposits a load of wilds on the screen and he may do two or three swings if you are lucky. It can result in a screen full of wilds, on a good day!

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