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If there is a pokie that is more famous than Book of Ra (or Book of Ra Deluxe) I would like to know. This pokie machine is an absolute legend in casinos across the world, whether you are in Australia, Europe or the UK.

There are two amazing things about this game. Firstly, that it is just as popular today as it was when it was released. Secondly, that it has not been introduced to las Vegas yet. I think players in Vegas would love to play though.

Book of Ra Deluxe Pokies

The deluxe version of Book of Ra pokies is pretty clever, in that it gives extra bonus options and multipliers, which creates a bit more excitement, or at least something new and fresh, but it doesn't lose the original appeal. All the same characters and sounds and music are all in there.

One thing that is still there and which I love, when I play Book of Ra, is the sound of the money going through the cash register when you hit a big win. I have to admit, I have even dreamed about this sound, at times.


You ever done this, playing a pokie?

Last time I was in a casino, the guy next to me hit the bonus round on the Book of Ra Deluxe pokie. First of all he got excited, then he put the 'don't disturb' note up on the screen and went off and had a smoke.

Obviously it was too much for him to watch the bonus game and he wanted to just leave, but then come back later and see how much he had won. Well, he might have taken the opportunity to go and have a cigarette too!

As it happens, he did not win much at all.

I thought it was interesting, though - the bit of the game I love watching the most (the bonus) is the bit that some people can't stand to watch.

What it does tell me, is that these pokie machines can create incredible emotion and excitement, some of which is too much to bear, for some people.


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