Sugar Pop Slots and Real Money Casino Play

Sugar Pop Slots

Sugar Pop Slots and Real Money Casino Play

One of the most amazing slots to appear over recent years has to be Sugar Pop. When I say amazing, I am not kidding - not only is it completely unique, it is also incredibly popular. It became one of the most played games in USA online casinos within weeks of its release!

The game takes in everything that is great about modern social games, like Candy crush and bejeweled - try it and see what you think!

Sugar Pop Slot Machine

When I first saw Sugar Pop slots start to load in my screen, I couldn't help but think of the Charley and the Chocolate factory slot machine in Vegas. The one they call Willy Wonka slots.

The colors and graphics are very similar to the bonus games in Willy Wonka slot machines in Vegas.

That's where the similarity ends though.

Although the graphics are very similar in the loading sequence, the game play is totally different.

This one is very much like Candy Crush in the way it plays and it keeps you interested long-term by giving out levels that you can progress through and also, special candies with unique powers.


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