Vegas World Casino

Vegas World - A Brand New and Unique Social Casino Experience

If you enjoy the excitement of the casino, then please check out our brand new and exciting free slots game called Vegas World.

This game allows you to create your own character, interact with other players and earn rewards as you play the amazing Vegas slots.

To play, simply sign-in, create your character and enjoy the slots!


What is Vegas World?

Vegas World is a brand new slots game that takes you into a virtual Las Vegas.

In the game, there are lots of free slots to enjoy, but also a lot more that you don't get with regular free slots games. You can create your own Vegas character, socialise, go to parties, relax by the pool, design your own luxury Vegas apartment and lots more.

Vegas World is a lot more than just a game, it is literally a whole new slots world.

How do I Play Vegas World?

If you enjoy the social aspect of playing slots in a casino, then please check out our new and exciting free App called Vegas World.

Like most games, Vegas World gets better the more you play and once you are mastered the basics.

So, it is definitely worth taking a few minutes to set up your character (this is actually great fun!) and get her/him looking exactly how you like.

After that, I would recommend playing some of the slots and exploring the game a little.

For example, you might like to take a look at the pool

Can I Win Real Money on Vegas World?

No. Vegas World is a free app, designed to be fun to play. There are still plenty of prizes to be won, but no real cash prizes with monetary value.

Because Vegas World is not classed as gambling, it is 100% legal in every single State in the USA, including New York, New Jersey and California.

Vegas World is not a real money gambling app. If you would prefer to play real money games, please visit our real money slots page.

Can I Play Vegas World on IOS Devices?

Yes. Vegas World has been designed to work on all modern Apple devices. That includes all IOS devices like iPhones and iPads as well as MacBooks etc.

The way Vegas World plays really suits Mac devices very well and you can play on any device at any time. So, you can start playing on an iPhone, for example, save the game and then carry on playing later on your Macbook Air, if you like.

Can I Play on Android?

Yes. Vegas World plays well on any Android phone or tablet. Tablets seem to give the best experience because of the big screen, so you can see the characters much better and the slots are more immersive. It's still great on a phone too though.

Can I Play on Desktop & Laptop?

Yes. Many people reviewing Vegas World say that desktop and laptop give the best experience (like a lot of games) because of the big screen.

The great news is though, that you can play on any device at any time. So you can start playing on your phone, then later sign in on your desktop computer and carry on playing. You can save your game at any stage and come back to it at any time.

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