What are Downloadable Slot Machines?

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When you look for a casino to play online slots, you may come across different options that can be confusing.

There are some online casinos where all you need to do to play is to log in and the game will activate in your browser. There are also free online slots that are instant play, which we offer on this website.

However, quite a few online casinos require you to download software on to your computer to play them. It does raise the question though - if there is an option for non-download instant play games, why would anyone choose downloadable slots?

There are several advantages and if possible, this is the option you should choose, if the casino software offers the option to you.

With downloadable slots the complete library of available slots games is available. Even the most up to date casinos that offer a rather robust instant play option still don’t offer all of their titles instantly.

If you are someone who enjoys playing a wide variety of slots games including classic slots, progressive slots, bonus slots and multi pay line slots, the downloadable slots casino is your best option.


Downloadable slots offer the latest games as soon as they are launched

With instant play slots you will often have to wait quite a while before additions are made to it. This is likely because of the programming involved.

However, with download slots you will have access to the latest and greatest releases so you can play them immediately. Often you will also receive instant notification that a new game is available, a feature not often found with instant play slots.


Downloadable slots are faster

One of the most significant complaints regarding the instant play slots is the speed.

If you are playing a slots game there is nothing more irritating than a game that starts to lag and you are not seeing the play in real time. Skipping and lulls can make an otherwise fun game less than enjoyable.

This is especially true for graphics intensive games.


Better graphics and sound

Because ou already have the graphics and sound plugins available on your machine when you play the downloadable slots you will see a marked difference in sound and graphics. The sounds are more realistic and lifelike. The graphics are more visually appealing and sharper.

For some of the modern slots games, they enjoyment of them is highly dependent on the visuals and deteriorating sound and graphics means detracting from the enjoyment of the game.

Of course, with faster download speeds, faster upload speeds and more reliable internet connections, one day there will be no advantage to downloading software. You will be able to get all the best new games, like Wizard of Oz slots, the Sex and The City slots and Price is Right slots as instant play games. In fact, Wizard of Oz slots is already out as an instant play game!


What if you cannot download slots?

For casinos that offer a download option this is the best bet. However, there are some people who cannot use the download options either permanently or temporarily.

For those who use non Windows operating systems, the download slots are often incompatible with their systems and instant play is the only option.

Likewise sometimes travel, work or borrowing someone else’s computer makes downloading impossible. These are the reasons instant play slots are available in the first place from these casinos.

While you may see some degradation of quality, right now this sacrifice is a small price to play in comparison to not being able to play at all.

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