What are 'Guaranteed Play' Slots?

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Guaranteed play slots have tried to make an appearance in Vegas several times, but still have not broken through into the mainstream.

So, you might have to look hard for these games, but if you can find them, they will give you a new and interesting gaming experience.

With guaranteed play slots, the player puts in a specific number of credits and gets a specified number of spins for those credits. These types of games can be either 3 reel slots or video slots and can be penny slots or high limit slots

What makes this so alluring is the fact that the player gets more spins than they would normally for the credits they put into the slot machine. They have been slow to catch on but at some resorts they are beginning to show signs that people are warming up to them.


Why the Slow Response

The biggest negative of guaranteed play slots is that you have to play all the spins before you can cash out.

While those spins seem like a great bargain when you are losing, they can be quite frustrating if you hit a good payout on an early spin and would typically cash out right then and there. Instead, you have to keep spinning until your spins are gone, possibly spending part of your winnings in the process.

On top of this, if you are on a cold machine, you can go into the negative on credits while using up your spins, meaning small hits and even moderate hits go to getting you back to zero. While it is money you already technically spent, it can be frustrating to see all of your winnings pay off a balance due to the machine.


Advantages of Guaranteed Play Slots

The biggest advantage of guaranteed play slots is if you hit that cold machine and spin away your spins and have a negative balance when you are done, you can just walk away from the machine without having to pay back any negative balance on the machine.

In many ways, the game is like playing a slots tournament, in that you only know at the end of the playing time whether you have won

For this reason alone, the insurance against a super cold machine is worth some potential loss of winnings should you hit big early on and have to run through all your spins.

The second advantage to guaranteed play slots is that for the resort casino player, it maximizes their game play. While it may not maximize winnings, the player is essentially buying time and spins on a machine, which means more time spent playing for a set amount of money.

For the person who has gone to a resort for casino slot games but is on a budget, this means they can cram more spins and more time into slot machines without going over their budget.

Future of Guaranteed Play Slots

While the reception so far has been fairly cold, there is a little glimmer that this style of gaming may start catching on in some casinos. It may not be a huge hit ever and it is unlikely to become a fixture in online casino gaming unless it becomes a huge hit in traditional casinos.

One thing that could help, is if the casinos begin to add this way of playing to some of the more popular slots, rather than the ones nobody has ever heard of. So, perhaps we will see games like Cleopatra, Lord of The Rings and Wizard of Oz slots playing this way soon?

The casinos that have these machines see them going unplayed but are giving them a couple years in rotation to see if people warm up to them. As of now, the process is going much slower than other technology introductions have gone but there is still a chance they will catch on.

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