Top Reasons to Play Land Based Slots

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Elvis Presley described the land based casino experience best when he stated “bright light city gonna set my soul…on fire.”

Truly there is nothing like the land based casino experience and the land based slots that go along with that experience.

Even with all of the online casino technology out there, not to mention a dour economy, land based casinos are still thriving. While many may play online slots from home, the entertainment value of the entire land based casino experience wins for many.


Top 5 reasons to play land based slots:


1. The Experience

There is nothing quite like walking into a thirty thousand square foot building that is jam packed with slot machines. For even the most seasoned slots player, it can be exciting, if not a little daunting. Choosing a slot machine to play is a different thing all together compared to an online slot machine as well.

They are all there in their glory rather than locked away until you click on one. It’s easier to choose a machine when you can see all that it has to offer and playing multiple machines at once is something far easier to do in a land based casino over an online one as well.


2. The Newest and Best Slots Titles

Due to the fierce competition for customers from Land Based casinos, they are always looking to be at the top when it comes to slots titles.

Most casinos get new titles quite frequently and the number of manufacturers which provide land based slots titles is far more than the software companies that provide online casinos with their slots titles.

The games are fresh and new and even regular visitors to a land based casino will likely see new titles each time they go.


3. Purpose Built Gaming

While there is a level of convenience in playing online, nothing can beat the modern consoles that land based slot machines have.

With touch screen interfaces and some really nice looking additions on top of the boxes, the presentation of the slots is absolutely stellar.

Combine this with the latest twist in land based casino gaming which is social gaming and you have something that no online slot machine can touch. Social gaming links machines together so that one player’s win can bolster other’s bank rolls and other fun twists.

4. Comps, Comps and More Comps

Part of the land based slot machine experience extends past the gaming console.

Playing slot machines frequently leads to free meals, free bar tabs and often times free hotel stays as well. While a comp points program is nice, the land based casino has more discretion with their comps and are typically more generous with them as well.


5. More Social Experience

Beyond the new social gaming that land based slot machines are offering, the entire experience at a land based casino is a far more social one.

Sure, there will be quite a bit of time devoted to land based slots but during down time from this, excellent meals, shows, dancing and more are at the player’s fingertips and are part of the experience of any land based casino.

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