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One of the most exciting new innovations that has been introduced onto the casino floor over the last couple of years is the multi-player slot

The most famous multiplayer slot machine ever made is the Wheel of Fortune slots game, closely followed by Monopoly Slots.


Multi Player Wheel of Fortune Slots in Vegas

Usually, multiplayer slot machines are very easy to spot, having a large block of machines with a large, obvious single screen that is shared between all the players sitting at their machine.

The other type that stands out even more is the huge Wheel of Fortune slot that is now found in most of the big vegas casinos.

These machines have seats surrounding a huge bonus wheel that begins to spin whenever anyone sitting at the machine hits the bonus feature


Shared Bonus Features

The great thing about many these slots is that if one player gets onto the bonus game, then all of the players take part in that bonus game


Social Slot Play

Possibly the best thing about these new multiplayer slots is that it creates, for the first time ever, a real social aspect to slot play.

Try the new multi-player Star Wars slot for example - when the bonus feature is hit and everyone at their seats becomes a part of that bonus, you get the feeling of a real comradeship between players. People actually begin to talk to each-other and cheer the bonus along. It’s a great way to get players together and enjoying the ups and downs as a team, rather than being a solitary occupation.

The concept of multiple people all playing one game has been taken to a whole new level over recent years. The advent of the Price is Right Slots with Drew Carey has been a massive hit and you will even see people waiting to get on the machine in Vegas casinos at 3am in the morning.

Even newer and amazing to look at is Batman slots. This game is absolutely huge and sees all the players sharing a massive movie screen. The bonus round, with all the players at the slot sharing a racing experience through Gotham City is something to behold

As a slot fan that often goes to Casinos alone, I have found that playing a multi=player game like this is a huge plus. It really can make you feel good to get to talk to people from all walks of life and share emotions. I’ve met some great people playing these new generation of real money slots games and so hope to see many more appearing on the casino floors before too long

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