What are Instant Play Slots ?

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There are two basic types of online casinos that offer slots.

The first is a no download casino where all the games are available on site via a Flash based program. All their online casino games are available via this method including slots.

The other type of online casino offers their casino games via a download to your local computer. In many online casinos that offer slots via download you may see an option to play instantly.

This may make you wonder why anyone would choose to use the download option. Actually, no download slots serve a particular purpose and there are distinct advantages of both downloadable casinos and no download casinos.


Why Would Anyone Want No Download Slots?

The biggest reason for wanting no download slots is for security.

Many people are wary of downloading anything on their computer so when they see they will have to download their slots game, they get a bit nervous.

Most downloadable slots games are very secure though if you are dealing with a reputable company. However, for some, no download slots is essential.

For those who use Mac or Linux operating systems as opposed to Windows, many of the downloadable slots games are incompatible and will simply not run. So, in order to play online slots, no download slots options are a must.


No Download Slots Casinos

Some casinos have a platform where you never download anything. These can be very advantageous to anyone who uses a computer from work, who is travelling or uses a computer without a Windows operating system.

These no download slots casinos often offer other games as well but slots are typically the most popular. You simply log in to your account, choose the game you want to play and then it is launched immediately in your browser.

However, many people believe the no download versions of these casinos offer fewer titles and are not as graphically advanced. For those graphically intense slots games, some complain that there is a lag in game play and it is not as sharp.

No download games include classic 3 reel slots as well as five reel video slots. They can also play as penny slots or VIP high limit slots games. The choice is yours.

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Download Casinos’ Instant Play Options

For the casinos that offer a download option there is no doubt that this is better than their instant play versions.

Games are available faster, they run better, are visually and audibly superior and more titles are available in the download versions.

But there are many reasons the instant play options may be desirable. Non Windows users or anyone who is a position where downloading is not possible can still play online slots with the no download slots option.

There may be fewer titles to choose from, the graphics and sound may not be as sharp and you may notice speed issues. But for those who are unable to use the download slots version, instant play slots are a requirement.

These days the instant play, no download slots versions are getting better due to the demand for them and they promise to improve even further with time

For some, the small sacrifices that have to be made in order to play no download slots is better than not playing at all.

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