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The Crazy Vegas slot machine is a 5 reel Sin City themed RTG game, starring Elvis. Crazy Vegas has a pretty good free spins bonus round and some very nice touches, including a bit of singing from the King himself.

Crazy Vegas is one of the new generation of 'online only' slot machine games that players in USA and Canada can play for real money. There are now quite a few of these and they get better and better all the time.

Free Crazy Vegas Slots

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Simple, but Still Fun to Play

On the scale of things, I wouldn't rate this Crazy Vegas slot as a classic and certainly not one of the best around, but certainly still fun to be had. Like a lot of slots, the real fun is when you hit the bonus round and trying to get the

Looking at the attention to detail, there doesn't seem to have been a whole lot of effort being put into this one. All of the symbols look kind of similar and it's difficult to discriminate between high value symbols and the ones that lead to higher wins.

Because of that, the level of excitement and anticipation is massively reduced, because it takes so much effort to determine whether the win will be big when you see the symbols line up. Compare to games like Cleopatra, where you can identify the Cleo symbol so easily and know that if 4 appear in a row, the 5th would lead to a massive jackpot hit. Not with this game, unfortunately.

Something I do like about this game though, is the sound effect - so cheesy, they are funny and made me laugh out loud :)




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