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Free to Play Robocop Slots and Real Money Casino Tips

Another excellent online video slot machine built around a cult classic feature movie that has stood the test of time and continues to captivate all generations of Sci Fi futuristic drama, as well as those that simply love a good battle

This 5 reel video slot is an excellent rendition and is certainly worthy of the cult hit movie, with plenty of top-quality bonus rounds. Robocop has become a firm favorite free slot machine and can often be found in our top 50 list of games.

Free Robocop Slots

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Robocop Slots in Vegas

Batman slots is also found in Las Vegas casinos, although the version is completely different from the online version. The Vegas version sees four people sat at a huge multi-player game and a bonus round that is more like an arcade or computer game, than a slots. During the bonus, you drive around gotham City

One nice touch with the Vegas game is that you can choose to play the Batman or the Joker. It makes no difference to your chances of winning (apparently), but it is fun to be able to choose your character.

It may be that the casino version appears sometime in the future. If it does, you can be sure that we will list it straight away.


Real Money Batman Slots

In Las Vegas, all of the Batman slots are played for real money, but online versions can be played for free as well as for cash.

If you would like to play slot machine games for real money, including games like Batman, please visit our real money slots information section. There, we list the best online casinos for real money slots, as well as providing practical advice on how to play and what to expect.




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