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“In an industry that’s difficult for newcomers to ascend, BGO Casino shines with an uncanny radiance. While they’ve been around since 2012, a lack of experience never proved to be an issue during their many revamps and conquests in the iGaming industry. Exciting promotions, a vast array of payment methods, and pizzaz in so many facets make BGO Casino an excellent choice. Of course, flaws are present here and there, but they present almost no obstacles on the way to enjoying a true casino bonanza.”

BGO Casino is operated by BGO Entertainment, a gaming company that was founded in Alderney, the northernmost inhabited landmass in the Channel Islands. Since their inception in 2012, they’ve shown no hesitation when it came to conquering the competition. Their flagship products include casino games, slots, bingo, and live casino games. From the get-go, they were adept at turning heads and leaving a positive impression, but their first true breakout occurred in 2014, when they partnered up with the gaming software development company, Playtech.

Even though we usually try not to deviate from the online casino we’re reviewing, it’s worth looking at BGO Entertainment’s entire portfolio in this case. They’re also responsible for the following gaming brands: Chili Casino, Vegas Luck Casino, 7Caino and Power Spins Casino. All of these sites are highly rated and respected throughout the industry, so it makes sense that expectations for BGO Casino, the company’s flagship, are high. However, the question here is - did they meet these expectations?


Restricted Countries:

- USA, US/GB Virgin Islands, US Minor Outlying Territories, North Korea, China, Syria, Yemen, Spain, Italy, France and Overseas Regions, Afghanistan, Libya, Sierra Leone, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mali, Sudan, Belgium, Greece, Israel, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Denmark, Estonia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Macau, Philippines, Singapore, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Portugal, Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Malaysia, Australia, Colombia, Malta and Sweden.

Supported Languages: English, Finnish, and Swedish - this hints at BGO’s intentions to become a leading force in the already overcrowded and insanely competitive Scandinavian market


Overall Rating: 8/10


● Every game is of the instant play sort, meaning that even inexperienced players can join the action almost immediately

● PayPal is available, which is definitely a rarity in the iGaming industry

● Innovative promotions that aren’t just limited to free spins or extra cash - you can get exclusive early access to new casino games and slots or even win a trip to Vegas!

● Stable software and a formidable user experience based on intuitive solutions and modern features

● Extremely polite customer support agents who are knowledgeable about every nook and cranny of


● No 24/7 customer support, which somewhat offsets the cordiality that the agents embody

● Too many restricted countries for a casino of BGO’s reputation and magnitude

● Frankly, table games are not as abundant as on some other sites, which means that more serious aficionados might not enjoy BGO in its entirety

● While the promotions can be deemed as innovative, they can be extremely restrictive and ruin the fun


Software & Games (9/10)

BGO Casino provides players with a spectacular selection of both classic and popular titles. One thing we appreciate the most is the fact that they haven’t limited themselves to just Playtech, despite the highly publicized partnership between the two parties. They also offer a range of titles from iconic developers such as NetEnt, IGT, Microgaming, Quickspin, WMS Games and others. It’s not every that we see such a wide array of available games, so it’s a pleasure to have so many options.

Picking the right games is often a challenge, but BGO has done a splendid job by listening to what people really want and constantly introducing innovations, new titles, as well as returns of old ones. In the iGaming industry, one wrong move can turn into a disappointment that can cause an entire player based to become displeased. So far, in the last seven years, BGO Casino has made one clever decision after another, further reinforcing their intentions to become the most popular brand on the market. While this statement can be used as a worthy description of BGO’s software as a whole, we wanted to delve into the nitty-gritty and see the exact aspects that casino players should be excited about.


The User Interface (UI) (10/10)

Before we analyze the games themselves, we have to take a look at the very foundation they’re being provided on - the UI. BGO Casino is in pretty rare company, as they’re one of the only “newer” online casinos that have invested effort into creating a UI that will resonate with the entirety of their audience. Why is this such an infrequent phenomenon?

Well, it’s harder to pinpoint every single reason, but we’ve personally seen excessive experimentation as a prominent exacerbatory factor. Online casino websites almost always try to implement some cutting-edge UI features, most of which end up making the whole site look like a haphazardly designed piece of software.

In BGO’s case, we see the value of keeping things simple. Instead of going for the most popular solutions, they’ve opted to reduce the number of clicks needed to accomplish anything to the lowest possible amount. Therefore, the infinite-scroll home page is seen is a rather stunning form. All the information you need to get started is located just a few scrolls away, from the latest promotions to the very depths of the Terms & Conditions. BGO certainly has a lot to boast, so displaying all their qualities from the get-go doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

During this showcasing process, most online casinos advertise too many of their games on the homepage, which is a cardinal sin in the world of web design. Instead of overburdening the player, BGO Casino showcases the newest and the most popular games. For everything else, you just need to click See More and you’ll easily find what you need. This is especially important when it comes to slots. The homepage does exactly what it’s supposed to - it introduces you to the wonderful offer of BGO Casino.

We still aren’t sure why some online casinos opt for putting their entire list of games and slots in the middle of the homepage. With a clearly defined number of games that you have at your disposal, there is no need for hoarding thumbnails or games.

One thing we also like is the fact that the Terms and Conditions are cleverly placed at the bottom. You don’t have to go on an expedition through various sections just to get acquainted with the house rules, which is, believe it or not, a rarity in today’s gaming world. Not only do you have the regular T&C, but there is also a separate section dedicated solely to welcome bonuses.

While some may not consider this an integral part of the software used on an online casino website, we beg to differ. Why, exactly? Well, a design is only as good as the way it’s been utilized. If BGO Casino didn’t use their grandiose home page to its fullest extent, it would have gone to waste. Great job on this one.

Also, we can’t omit the incredibly usable instant search function. You don’t need to click and wait for the page to load to find what you’re looking for. Instead, even partial keywords are recognized and instantly displayed. For players with exploratory tendencies, this is a heaven-sent feature, one we greatly appreciated throughout our review. Combine that with the lightning-fast loading times and you have an excellent example of software supremacy.


Casino Games (7.5/10)

While BGO Casino prioritizes slots (and bingo to some extent), it’s impossible to disregard their efforts when it comes to casino games. 150+ options isn’t a spectacular number in 2020, but it seems that this online casino is all about quality, with quantity coming in at second place. The most heavily promoted games are, of course, roulette and blackjack. Each game has several variations, which is a great indication that BGO really cares about each player’s preference.

All Bets Blackjack and Quantum Blackjack lead the pack when it comes to iterations of this popular game. We must say that the quality of BGO’s software is at an extremely high level. It almost seems like each game they offer was tailor-made for their website. Throughout our testing phase, we’ve encountered no bugs. As the interface itself is lightweight, you can easily switch between titles in a seamless manner. For power players, this is perhaps the most important feature.

French Roulette and Spread Bet Roulette are the most recognizable roulette games on and the flux of each spin gives you a feeling reminiscent of the Las Vegas Strip. However, we would like them to add more games, as the offer doesn’t quite appeal to players who like to experiment a lot. There is no two-ball roulette, which has become somewhat of a standard in today’s iGaming industry. You can’t really make an argument about unsatisfactory software because we’ve seen iterations of two-ball roulette on several sites and it works almost flawlessly.

Nevertheless, if you’re a casual or intermediate casino aficionado, you’ll find BGO’s offer of games more than satisfactory for the time being. Don’t forget that they also add new games on a bi-weekly/monthly basis (the intervals aren’t always clearly defined, though), so you might be in for a surprise out of the blue.


Slots (9/10)

900+ slots is a number that makes even the most hardcore players pinch themselves to see if they are dreaming. After a series of interpersonal pinches, our team decided to test the Slots section and see if there’s a reason to be excited (aside from the sheer quantity). It’s safe to say that our already high expectations weren’t just met - BGO Casino managed to exceed them in spectacular fashion.

Now, which factors determine whether an online casino offers proper slots? Variables certainly are plentiful, but we would point out variance as the most important one. In BGO’s case, this quality is manifested in the fact that you have both casual slots and big-jackpot games to indulge in. For instance, you have some classics such as NetEnt’s Aloha! Cluster Pay and IGT’s Da Vinci Diamonds. Even if you pick a newer, less-known game, you’ll be met with outstanding graphics and smooth game flow.

For those of you that are fans of older titles, you’ll find the software adequately optimized for use on modern devices, desktop or otherwise. The variance factor extends to the jackpot amounts, which can, more often than not, reach up to £100,000 in cash for those that are daring enough to increase their bets. Overall, you have a multitude of high-jackpot slots at your disposal, such as the Age of the Gods series and its many iterations. Mighty Midas, King of Olympus and Furious 4.

In most cases, we see either a lack of jackpot games or an overabundance, which can be a deal-breaker for both casual and pro players. BGO Casino balances things out nicely, leaving an overwhelmingly positive impression when it comes to the sheer quality of their choice. They aren’t in a race to offer the biggest jackpots but are more than determined to maintain a solid environment for all slots players.

Another great criterium for judging an online casino’s slots offer is the number of branded games they offer. Recently, we’ve come across an overwhelmingly large number of bad copies. Such plagiarism occurs when a website can’t really afford to provide the licensed versions, all in an effort to dazzle and impress their players. BGO does none of this and provides a healthy amount of branded titles. From Jimi Hendrix and Guns ‘n’ Roses to several Batman games and an Aquaman title, you can find literally anything associated with popular culture. Jeopardy, Hotline Miami, Ghostbusters and even Ronnie O’Sullivan can be seen in the form of slots. Amazing!

What’s Wrong?

So, why the 9/10 rating, you ask? Well, we really love the overall offer and there is nothing left to be desired in terms of variance and respect to older classics. That’s a great foundation, but it’s impossible to ignore the lack of categorization. Of course, BGO Casino does a wonderful job when it comes to categorizing different sections of the site, but fail miserably when it comes to dividing their slots into groups. We did say that this is a great online casino for slot explorers, but it’s kind of hard to find what you’re looking for if you don’t know the exact name of the game.

Since this is an easily fixable design drawback, we fully expect BGO Casino to address this issue in the shortest possible timeframe. It’s not something that requires acquiring new games, revamping the offer or anything else. Tags like Nordic, Egyptian, branded or Vegas would help players immensely. There’s just something reassuring about cleverly designed sub-sections.


Welcome Bonus and Currently Available Promotions (6/10)

Can we take a few seconds to point out the greatness of BGO Casino’s software again? It almost became mandatory to mention it with every possible section. Most websites use a myriad of revolving banner sliders to advertise their offers, so it’s quite difficult to figure out what you’re getting right away.

Add the infamous small print to the mix and you have a disaster waiting to happen. BGO leapfrogged most of the competition with a clearly visible Promotions sections. Couple that with the Welcome Bonus T&C stickied onto the homepage and that’s what we call a stellar first impression.

Of course, the highlight of BGO’s promotions is their welcome bonus. It’s directly aimed at slots players, which might come off as an issue for roulette or blackjack enthusiasts. Nevertheless, slots are BGO’s main focus, so there are high chances that you came to the site to play just that.


BGO Casino Welcome Bonus - Up to 500 Spins

This particular promotion is a proud member of BGO’s regular roster, which means that it can be seen as an entry point of sorts. Why is having a great start important for players? For starters, it lets you experience BGO. You can read this review over and over again, but it still won’t even come close to the actual experience of the site. While we strive to inform our readers from a standpoint that lets them minimize the number of bad decisions, you still have to play at to see if you want to make them your regular online casino.

The next benefit, believe it or not, pertains to your mental health. When you’re playing with your own money, you tend to be constantly stressed out, especially if you’re on a losing streak. A free spin welcome bonus lets you enjoy slots in their purest form. It’s all about fun and having even one day without worrying about your bankroll management can affect you positively. You will rediscover the fun part of gaming and will have more mental clarity needed for things such as upping your bets, pulling out and more.

So, what’s this bonus all about. First, let’s take a look at the process of claiming it and all the important details.

● You need to join BGO first, which means that players with existing accounts are ineligible. Even if you have a clean deposit history, you can’t participate in this promotion. BGO also limits the use of this welcome bonus per one IP/household/person.

● By making a deposit of £10 or more, you’re automatically qualified for the bonus.

● Once the deposit goes through, you’ll get see Reward Token in your Rewards Hub. Just click it and you’ll be taken to the Mega Wheel.

● Clicking on the wheel will spin it, thereby revealing how many free spins you won. The number ranges from 0 to 500.

● Each free spin you’ll be awarded is worth 50p.


This really does seem like an easy welcome bonus to claim, right? Certainly. However, the advantages are quickly overshadowed by the drawbacks. This welcome bonus just isn’t constructed the right way. Here’s what we really don’t like about it.

1. The free spins have to be used within 24 hours of claiming them. We get the urgency to attract new players but forcing EVERYONE to spend their (potential) 500 spins in one day is preposterous.

2. If you win something when using the free spins, all the money that lands into your lap has to be wagered 65x.

3. As the icing on this already repulsive cake, you can only win up to £8 per 10 spins and the maximum overall winnings amount to £150. Such restrictions make the option of even getting those 500 free spins a pointless endeavor.

4. If things couldn’t get any worse, you can only use the free spins in about 30-40 games, which are listed in the T&C specific to this welcome bonus.

All in all, this is a pretty average promotion. While you can technically play a lot and have fun, all the negative aspects outweigh the positive ones. In fact, it’s not even close. If you were hoping to get some significant bang for your buck, you will end up disappointed.

The only thing this promotion is good for is exploring the functionalities of BGO’s software. Otherwise, you won’t improve your bankroll, nor will you have unlimited fun. BGO needs to scrap this bonus altogether, if we’re being honest. In a time when you can find no-deposit bonuses and non-restrictive offers, this is a promotion that scrapes the bottom of the barrel.


Other BGO Casino Promotions

Like we’ve said, BGO Casino offers an abundance of promotions. While most are centered around bingo, there is still a nice choice for those who don’t like this game. Here are three of our favorite promotions (other than the disastrous welcome bonus):

1. Loyalty Store. The more you play, the more you get. BGO Casino has one of the best VIP programs in all of iGaming and it’s a beauty even after several years of revamps and reworks. You will earn Diamonds, 1 per each £10 spent on slots and 0.1 per each £10 spent on table games, which will accumulate and give you a chance to treat yourself to some exclusive BGO Casino prizes.

2. New Games Tuesday. Innovation is always an important part of every online casino and BGO is doing it right. Instead of rolling out tens of new games and oversaturating their portfolio, they choose to go down a much smoother route. With a new game every week, you can compete for the chance to be one of the first players to try it out. There are also extra free spins and other perks involved. Worth a try.

3. BGO Slots Tournaments. That’s right, you can play slots in the form of tournaments as well. There are several daily ones and you have to enter five minutes before the end time, which is very unusual for this already unusual type of promotion.

We openly admit that we would love to wake up tomorrow and realize that BGO’s welcome bonus was just a bad dream, but that shouldn’t discourage you from using other regular promotions. They’re more on par with the industry standard and don’t impose insane restrictions on your playing time and other gaming aspects. Definitely worth experimenting with.


Deposits & Withdrawals (8/10)

In the iGaming industry, payments are the proverbial elephant in the room. We love avoiding them, we don’t like discussing them, but they’re an essential part of everyone’s gaming experience. No matter how good an online casino is, it’s all worthless if they aren’t adept at handling deposits and withdrawals the proper way. Before we delve deeper into BGO’s particular case, let’s take a short look at the two most prominent problems related to this facet of gaming.

Perhaps the most common issue we see is a lack of payment options. Some platforms and services charge a lot and perform rigorous audits when they receive collaboration requests. Many online casinos don’t want to subject themselves to such things, so they leave bettors with just a few, mostly traditional or outdated, payment options to choose from. Albeit disregarded in terms of importance, payments are and will always be the biggest deal-breaker in gaming.

The other, somewhat less common case is an overabundance of niche/irrelevant payment options. Having a lack of platforms isn’t really aesthetically pleasing, right? Therefore, many casinos seek to fill out the empty space by including some unorthodox options. While we’re never the ones to see variety as a flaw, this can be a problem when you take an objective stance. Region-specific platforms are useless if the site isn’t focused on those particular regions. Sadly, this happens a lot and players don’t get to experience the full extent of an online casino.

What about BGO Casino, then? They’ve done a masterful job by including not only the most popular but also the most secure options. There is no clutter, no offshore providers or any possible complications when talking about the variety itself. You can deposit and withdraw money using the following platforms:


● MasterCard

● Interac Online

● PayPal

● Paysafecard

● Skrill

● Neteller


As you can clearly see, this is an all-star cast of payment options that can be used by anyone and everyone. PayPal, in particular, is a rare sight at online casinos, so this is yet another boost to BGO’s evident legitimacy. We love this great mix of popularity and variety. Honestly, there is no need for anything else.

But why the 8/10 rating? What’s wrong with BGO’s payments section? First of all, we don’t like the fixed £2.50 fee for all withdrawals, which BGO Casino representatives describe as a “business decision”. You might also be disappointed by the fact that waiting times are at least 48 hours, because of BGO’s mandatory pending protocol. That’s simply inexcusable in 2020, especially when there is a myriad of online casinos that conduct security checks and audits in a much shorter time period. There’s also a 2.5% fee on all deposits, to make things worse.

On the bright side, you can combine real money and bonus money when playing, in any measure you want. This means that you can have money deposited in two different wallets. It’s an unusual, but very welcome practice.


Licensing & Security (10/10)

BGO Casino has not one, but two reputable licenses. For operations within the UK, they are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Keep in mind that the UKGC is a very strict organization in terms of granting a license, so BGO is obviously making the right moves. For other purposes, they operate under the Alderney Gaming Control Commission (AGCC).

When it comes to security, it is known that BGO Casino uses 128-bit SSL encryption and several firewalls, all for the purpose of protecting your data and transactions from hackers and other malicious individuals.

In addition to this, they are also a member of GamCare, BeGambleAware, and GamStop, the three most important responsible gaming organizations. BGO has also recently gotten a verification by Casinopedia, a leading source of information about online casinos and the iGaming industry as a whole.


Customer Support (9/10)

There is nothing unusual here. We’ve tested BGO’s customer support agents through all the available means of communication (live chat, contact form, and email) and we only have positive things to say about our experience. Everyone was cordial and willing to help. On top of that, each agent always wanted to know if they can help with something else. You can have a nice chit-chat and learn something new at the same time.

The only drawback, if you ask us, is the fact that there is no 24/7 support. Responses are indeed fast, but you should expect anything out of the 10 am - 10 pm (GMT) working hours. For that reason, we can’t give them a 10/10 rating for this particular section of the site.



It’s been a wild ride, hasn’t it? BGO Casino is one of the more accomplished names on the market, so we were eager to tackle every feature while still enjoying the experience. As a whole, our time spent testing was a pleasant one, without any bugs or unexpected malfunctions. To be honest, things such as customer support working hours and payment pending times need to be fixed ASAP.

These are surprising rookie mistakes that we didn’t expect from an online casino of BGO’s magnitude. The welcome bonus needs a complete revamp and the restrictions permanently removed, too. Other than that, we don’t really have anything bad to say. The community is inclusive, the games are beautifully chosen and work perfectly. All the main checkboxes are ticked and we wholeheartedly recommend giving BGO Casino a chance.

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