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Hawaii is a young state - the most recent state to have joined the United States of America. It was established in 1959. In the case of the Island State we can’t talk about a long history of gambling driven by saloons, parlors or Native American gambling activities. There are some indications that a horse-racing scene existed in Hawaii in the pre-state colony days.

Any assumptions regarding bets which may have been laid on the black market on those races remain in the realm of speculation, although this is quite probable even if it’s not provable. It is presumed that any bets which may have been placed on the ponies stopped by the 1940’s. Horse racing probably began sometime in the 1800s, but it died out, and there are no racetracks or pari-mutuel betting machines in today’s Hawaii.

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History of Gambling in Hawaii

Since Hawaii joined the United States in 1959, the anti-gambling attitude has only grown stronger. Much like Utah, Hawaii remains one of rare US countries without any popular form of legalized gambling within the state. This is somewhat ironic, as every once in a while the newspapers write about big busts (seizure of gambling machines, a sports-betting ring getting busted etc.). This tells us that the appetite for gambling in the Island State is not extinguished - it’s just the heavyweight legislation that stands as an insurmountable obstacle that prevents gamblers from enjoying their passion.

Hawaii has no lottery, no horse races, sports betting, or even bingo. It would be logical to expect gambling on cruise ships at least, but even that form of betting is not allowed. When it comes to gambling, Hawaii has an uncompromising community and uncompromising laws. Nothing goes. The anti-gambling attitude in the Island State stems from the conviction that the area would suffer a significant loss of income if it used its gorgeous land for building casinos instead for tourism. Too bad this shatters many people’s dreams about experiencing a perfect gambling vacation across the Hawaii beaches.


Land based casinos

Authorities of Hawaii strictly prohibit any gambling activities in the state. The laws do not only cover casinos, gambling events and venues, but also locals and homeowners - it is illegal to own slot machines, for example, even if it’s for display or collection purposes only. The only form of gambling that takes place in the Island State is social gambling, but with extensive restriction involved. The entity (a house or an individual organizer) hosting social gambling events must not earn any profit from it, not even from selling drinks or food. The social games included in these activities are poker and sometimes craps. There are companies which offer casino entertainment services - they organize casino-themed parties where people play casino games such as craps, roulette, blackjack and Let it Ride with pretend money.

If people from Hawaii with to gamble at proper brick and mortar casinos, they need to travel to some of the following destinations: Northern Mariana Islands (gambling facilities on the island of Saipan and in San Jose on the island of Tinian, cruise ships), as well as California or Las Vegas. There are no casinos that are 30 minutes away - some of the best options for Hawaiian gambling enthusiasts are actually an ocean away.


Online Casinos

Okay, so Hawaii does not have any type of land-based gambling facility, but what about online casinos? Unfortunately, there are no online casinos sites based in Hawaii either. This branch of the industry is completely ignored and Hawaiians make use of alternatives much like many other Americans nowadays. The offshore gambling scene is as lively as ever and you can see reputable sites such as Bovada or Slotocash accepting players from the Island State, too.

One of the favorites among Americans, Bovada Casino is an experienced brand which constantly improves gambling conditions on its platform so that they suit the needs of gamblers from the states where there are no local gambling sites and where the UIGEA has practically ended any chance for a varied choice of online bingo halls, casinos and slots websites. At Bovada, Hawaiians can relish in excellent online slot games, table games, sports betting and more. The biggest advantages of Bovada are leading software, quick payoffs, Bitcoin banking, solid bonuses, a dedicated customer support team, a pleasing user interface and mobile compatibility.


Regulation and Legality of Online Gambling

Hawaii’s law defines gambling extremely broadly, so that any type of betting and gambling can be, if need be, placed within these definitions and restrictions. There is also mentioning of a gambling device and the definition of it is broad enough to cover just about anything, in the hands of a dedicated lawyer. However, no one has ever been prosecuted in Hawaii for online gambling and the players themselves should be least concerned.

There have been attempts to submit bills that would open the doors of regulating online poker, but these were swiftly killed off before there was any chance of serious debate. It is highly unlikely that the situation in Hawaii will change anytime soon. The state seems content with a no-gambling landscape and only a drop off in tourism could lead to any change in perspective. We all know that will not happen as Hawaii is seen as a paradise on Earth, a tropical destination for family vacations, a pretty much anyone who wishes to get away from daily stresses.


Fun Facts about Hawaii

  • Hawaii has no snakes; the state tries to keep snakes out in order to protect native birds and other species. There are also no billboards. Alongside Alaska, Maine and Vermont, Hawaii has banned billboards so that both residents and visitors may enjoy scenic driving without distraction.


  • On Kauai Island, there are no cities and freeways. There are very little commercial stores and no chain restaurants. No building on Kauai can be taller than a palm tree and that’s defined by law.


  • Hawaii is home to the world’s most active volcano, Kilauea volcano. Due to its eruptions, the surface and the landmass of Hawaii continues to grow.
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