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Bettors living in Montana can’t rely on a regulated intrastate online gambling market. Instead, they are left to decide whether to visit online casinos hosted overseas or stick with land-based options. Placing wagers on the internet from Montana may be complicated due to UIGEA, but if you follow the trails of other US players and frequent reputable, proven US-friendly casinos, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

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Neighbouring States: Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming

History of gambling in Montana

For a state with a relatively small population, Montana has quite a wide choice of gaming options today. Through history, Montana has had a turbulent, but mostly loving relationship with gambling. Even before it became a territory, Montana was populated by Native Americans who used to bet on archery contests and horse racing. Come the settlers, and card games altered the face of gambling for good. In the ‘territory days’, games like faro and three-card monte were played throughout the Big Sky Country. After a bloody incident with some miners and swindlers, three-card monte was banned in Montana territory in 1864. During these early years, poker was also immensely popular, and people were known to bet their horses, guns, watches, mining claims, even ranches on poker tables.

The first Montana constitution outlawed gambling in 1889. Gambling activities persisted due to not drawing too much attention of the law enforcement. The Hickey Law, passed in 1937, allowed blackjack, dominoes, bridge and other games typical of ‘cigar and drug stores’. Saloons took advantage of this and posed as nonprofit corporations, allowing ‘members only’ sections. Raids in the 50s ended these establishments. Bingo halls also suffered suppression in the following decades, but the luck on gambling changed in 1972 when the new state constitution was put into effect. It legalized bingo, raffles, poker, video poker machines and other card games. Four years later, the Montana State Lottery was founded. Montana gamblers can now bet on horses, table and card games, keno, slots and more.


Land based casinos

There are proper casinos in Montana, and there are bars and taverns, local gas stations, cafés, and convenience stores offering gambling services. There are also several racetracks. In order to operate a gambling facility, the owner needs to possess an appropriate license. By the letter of the Montana law, the business must also hold a liquor license. Taverns and bars can have up to 20 video gaming devices. The machines print out a receipt instead of paying a direct amount in cash; the most you can bet on these video poker, video keno, or video bingo cabinets is $2 and you can’t win more than $800.

The Treasure State does not have any major casino and hotel resorts, but it does have multiple racetracks and tribal casinos. The most notable racetrack is Yellowstone Downs, known and frequented for the summer races. There are less than a dozen tribal casinos, products of state compacts with Cheyenne, Crow, Fort Peck, and Rocky Boy Native American Tribes. All of them feature Class II video gaming devices. Players of at least 18 years of age can visit any gambling establishment in Montana.

If you wish to experience Montana tribal gambling, you may consider visiting venues such as Gray Wolf Peak Casino, Apsaalooke Nights Casino and Charging Horse Casino. Gray Wolf Peak is open 24/7, has free parking and 2 restaurants. Apsaalooke Nights Casino is 4,000-feet facility open 10 am – 2 am every day. Charging Horse Casino is open from 8 am to 2 am daily, offers bingo from Wednesday to Saturday and Class II slots.

Poker is the most played card game and many bars have gambling licenses and offer poker tables. There are poker rooms in Casey’s Whitefish, Crystal Lounge, Montana Nugget and Oxford Saloon, to name a few.


Online casinos

Websites like Bovada, Casino Max and Slotocash Casino cater to Montana online gamers and provide them with safe and secure banking options, which is one of their top aspects. Bovada Casino is one of the primary go-to venues for US players in general, and not just Montanans. It runs on RTG and Betsoft software and offers fast check withdrawals. You can enjoy Bovada’s sportsbook as well and bonuses for mobile customers.


Regulation and legality of online gambling

Online gambling has been outlawed in the Big Sky Country since 2005. Montana’s criminal code targets website operators, stating clearly that they are not allowed to offer gambling services online in the state. On a larger scale, Montana is one of the few states whose gaming laws specifically mention online gambling.

According to the section 23-5-112 of the Montana Code, running an online gambling business in the state is unlawful. MT lawmakers have gone far enough to prohibit people from wagering money on games of skill over the internet, as well. However, a plethora of offshore websites are keen on accepting players from MT, offering hundreds of video slots, a wide range of table games, video pokers and beyond. State legislators don’t seem to have the intention to revisit the online gaming topic. Until the MT online market is regulated and legalized, offshore sites will continue to operate supported by Montana-based gamblers.


Fun Facts about Montana

  • Montana has the largest population of golden eagles in the United States. It also houses a large population of wild buffalo at the National Bison Range in the western part of the state. Moose also dwell in Montana, around 8,000 of them. These animals were considered extinct in the Rockies south of Canada in the 1900s. Wondering where is the largest grizzly bear population in the lower 48 states? In Montana. The grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) is the official state animal in Montana.


  • The Montana Yogo Sapphire is the only gem from North America included in the Crown Jewels of England.


  • When you find yourself in a Montana saloon and you wish to order a drink with water, just say the word ‘ditch’. For example, a ‘Jack Daniel’s ditch’ means a Jack Daniel’s and water.
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