Four Card Poker

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This varient of classic poker is another relatively new one and has attracted quite a big following in a short space of time. It is of course, nowhere near as popular as the classics like Texas Hold'em (the live game) and Deuces Wild (video poker), but it is still a hige game across the US and in Vegas.

Because this is a four card game, the best hand you can get is four of a kind, rather than a straight flush. There are various different versions of this game, so it is important to try and play the one with the lowest house edge (1.98%), rather then the eye watering 6.15% you get if you pick the worst one to play.

Free Four Card Poker

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Four Card Poker in Las Vegas

If you go to one of the really big table game casinos in Las Vegas, you are bound to find a game of four hand poker. You will also find this variant on many video poker machines. Take a look at some of the machines where you can choose a game and you should be able to find it somewhere, or ask a member of staff.


Four Card Poker Real Money

To play real money online, you will need to find a reputable online casino with the game. Most casinos online have plenty of choice in the video poker options and so you should be able to find four card poker.

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