Three Card Poker

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The Three Card Poker game is relatively new compared to many other forms of the game, having been 'invented' only in 1994 and patented in 1997. It's a really fast paced and fun poker game that is very easy to play.

Here, we have a free version you can play, with no download and no registration required. In addition, you will not get any pop-up adverts, so you can just relax and enjoy the game without being interrupted all the time.

Free Three Card Poker

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Las Vegas Three Card Poker

Unlike some types of poker, the 3 card poker game is played against a dealer (The House), rather than against other players. Basically you have to get a better hand than the dealer to win, just like in blackjack.

If you prefer to play against other players, the game you would be looking for is called 3 card brag. The 3 card brag game is by no means new, as it was invented in the 1600s! Essentially the brag game is the same as the poker one, but you bet against other players and as the name suggest, it involves a lot of bluffing.


Three Card Poker Real Money

Considering how new the game, you will find the 3 card version of poker in casinos all over the US. It is really popular and most casinos with a big focus on table games should have it. Online, you will also find it at most good quality casinos for real money play. Sometimes you will see two or three version of it, which only really differ in graphics, rather than in gameplay.

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