Our Aims & Advertising Policies


Our aims:

• Our main aim is to provide top quality free Vegas slots, in a safe and secure environment.

• We also provide online casino reviews and listings for anyone wishing to play real money.


Our No spam guarantee:

• We do not collect email addresses, or use pop-ups to sell memberships, or bonus offers.

• Our online casino reviews are produced by independent casino experts.


Affiliate commissions:

• If available, we do accept payments from affiliate partners.

• Our affiliate partnerships do not affect the content of our reviews, which are independently produced.

• The payments keep the site spam-free, and pay the costs involved with running a large website.

• Example costs include hosting, web design, writers, salaries and security (to keep the site safe).

• Not all casinos we list offer affilate payments. Just one example of this would be Betway UK casino - an excellent casino (ranked in our top 10), but we do not receive any payments from them.

• We recommend casinos based on the research made by our independant casino experts, rather than the amount of commission paid through affiliate partnerships.

Our Reviews, Ratings and Partners

In combination with our free slots, we also offer information about online casinos for anyone looking to play real money slots. Our aim is to provide useful reviews and recommendations that can help visitors choose a safe and reputable casino, with the best games.

All of our reviews are independently written, by experts in the casino industry. We hire experts to write honest reviews, to reflect their research, and never based on commercial relationships.


How do we keep our site free of charge?

Although we do not allow online casinos to pay to appear on the site, we do accept affiliate payments.

Our online casino reviews and recommendations are produced independently. If a casino is deemed good enough to appear on the site, we search to see if we can find an affiliate program, to earn revenue.

• We generate the funds to run the website through trusted marketing partners (affiliated partners) - we explain this in more detail in the section below).

• Importantly, our listings, ratings and our reviews are not based on commercial relationships - our affiliate partners have no say whatsoever in the reviews, or recommendations we provides. Essentially, we affiliate revenue when one of the casinos we list happens to have an affiliate program available, rather than allowing advertising on the site.


Advertising & revenue generation

Our listings and our editorial content (reviews and recommendations) are 100% independant and never influenced by the online casino operators

Our site does not allow advertising. That is, we do not allow online casino groups to feature on this site in exchange for a payment. Likewise, we do not allow guest bloggers or external influencers to publish articles in exchange for money, or any other payment, like backlinks etc.

Instead, our site generates revenue through affiliate partnerships with any online casinos. The revenue generated pays for the significant costs related to running the site, and also creates profit.

Affiliate links look and work in exactly the same way as regular links, but when these links are clicked by a user, the online casinos recognises that it came for our site and this generates a payment. The payments made by online casinos vary – sometimes it is a certain price per click, or per sign-up, per user, or based on revenue share.


Does having affilate partners compromise our site?

Our reviews are written by genuinely independent experts, who have no idea which casino do or don't pay affiliate commissions. The content is not affected at all by commercial relationships.

Although most online casinos offer affiliate payments, not all of them do. For example, we have been recommending Betway Casino in the UK for over a decade, but they do not pay us a single penny for visitors from the UK.

Likewise, we have reviews of several casinos on the site that we do not have an affiliate partnership with at all. We chose to hire writers to review the casinos because they were interesting, offering something different, or are so famous that people were searching for them.

We appreciate our affiliated partners, but we do not allow them to affect our reviews and listings in any way whatsover. So if you see an online casino recommendation on the site, you can be confident that we believe it’s a good casino, and not because an advertiser has paid us to say that it’s good.

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