Best High Limit Casinos

Depending on your bank roll, you might prefer to play high limit slots and games, rather than panny slots. You can play high limit casino slots online by choosing one of our recommended casinos, listed below:


Q: What is the best strategy to win at high limit slots?

A: There is no approach or method that can be considered fool-proof. Slots are, as you already know, a game of chance. With that being said, it’s also worth mentioning that almost all slot titles have a significantly higher house edge than other online casino games. To make things even worse, the only thing you can do to affect the outcome is to adjust your wager and spin away.

However, there are some decisions that you can make, which can potentially have a positive effect on your time playing high limit slots. First of all, it’s essential that you have a pre-determined budget. You need to stick to it, no matter how unlucky you might be. If you had set aside $500 dollars to play with, and subsequently lost every penny, stop playing. Covering your losses is the easiest way to find yourself in a financial hole. Resist the urge and remember that slots are a game of chance - nothing is guaranteed.

On the other hand, we also realized that putting a cap on your winnings is also a good idea. Too many players like to drastically increase their wagers whenever they stumble upon a series of free spins, but that’s also an easy way to annihilate your bankroll. Set a target number for winnings and ask as a withdrawal as soon as you reach that amount. There’s no point in playing if you’re going to squander everything with overly ambitious wagers, right?


Best High Limit Slots Rooms in Vegas

In Las Vegas, all of the really big casinos have high limit slots. If you are in an off-strip casino (one of the locals casinos), you might not find them though.

Top 3 list of VIP rooms for slots in Vegas:

Caesars Palace Casino - Caesars actually has two VIP rooms and they are both excellent. Only one of them has staff, though. They have a good variety of games, including a lot of new video slots that you don't anywhere else.

  • Monte Carlo - The reason I really like the High Limit Room at Monte Carlo Casino is the fact they have Texas Tea - I love that one!
  • Bally's - I like the high limit room at Bally's, because it has a good selection of games and also, it's right in the middle of the casino. Also, whenever I am there, I always get offered a drink by the staff straight away!
  • There are lots of other good high limit slots rooms, almost too many to list. In the end, different people like different things, especially high roller players. So, the best way to find a favorite is to go out and see them for yourself!


Best High Limit Slots Games in Vegas

So, which are the most popular slots with the big money players in Vegas?

Over the years, the most popular games in the high limit slots rooms have been 3 reel slot, like Double Diamond and Triple Diamond, as well as Red White and Blue.

Not far behind those, is the Wheel of Fortune game, which is also hugely popular in high limit rooms all over the US. In some high limit rooms, slots can play at $10, $20 or even $100 per spin. There is even a Wheel of Fortune in Caesars which pays at $500 per spin!

These days, 5 reel video slots are becoming more popular. However, rather than the newer games like Wizard of Oz slots, it is the classic 5 reel video slots that are mainly in the high limit rooms. Games like Cleopatra and Lobstermania.

We have listed all the best high-limit games in our free slots section. As you would expect, there a lot of classic 3 reel slots in the mix.

There is one significant game missing, which is the 3-reel version of Wheel of Fortune. Unfortunately, that game has not been released online yet.


Q: Are high limit slots really more lucrative than regular ones?

A: Believe it or not, no. Just because high limit slots give you a greater chance of winning a lot of money, that doesn’t mean that you will necessarily accomplish this. In theory, you have an opportunity to do so if Lady Luck is on your side, but there is also a darker side to the whole matter.

In most cases, high limit slots are more of a financial burden than a shortcut to opulence. High wagers result in losses in more cases than they do in wins, which is directly correlated to the fact that slot games as a whole have a notoriously low RTP.

Since high limit ones are based on the same mechanisms as their low-stakes counterparts, it’s safe to say that entering this gaming niche isn’t going to make you any richer than you would otherwise be by playing low-limit slots.


Q: If a slot I like has high wagering limits, does that mean I can’t bet smaller amounts?

A: Not necessarily, as different casinos and game developers impose different levels of flexibility onto their games. For instance, there are high limit slots that allow 50-cent bets, which means that they are a suitable option for both casual players and high rollers. Then again, there are slots that are made exclusively for high rollers, with minimum bets often exceeding $20-30.

Before you choose a high limit slot, make sure you do your homework pertaining to how the game works and what you’re allowed to do.


Q: Can VIP/loyalty programs help me whilst playing high limit slots?

A: Definitely. Many online casinos have VIP programs that yield better rewards with each level/stage your reach. As you can level-up by spending more money, high limit slots are an excellent way to earn some extra perks and make your gaming sessions much more lucrative.


What makes a Great High Limit Online Casino?

Reliable banking

Clearly, if you are playing high stakes, rather than pennies, you need to know that you can make deposits without fuss and even more importantly, you need to know you can cash out.

The casinos listed above all have top quality banking in place and can provide increased card limits, payment options and most importantly, they can provide faster withdrawals than other casinos you have seen online.

Professional 24/7 customer support

To play for high limits at an online casino, you should expect to receive support at any time of day and also, any day of the week. You might be looking to make a large deposit, or cash out more than would normally be expected, so you need a professional there to help you.

A true high limit player will always be given direct support from the casino manager, rather than the regular support staff, ensuring that all of needs will be attended to quickly, by a genuine expert.

VIP Promotions

Just like in Las Vegas, the very best online casinos give their VIP players the best promotions. Luckily, with the casinos listed above, even if you deposit just $500, you get superb promotions that would be otherwise unavailable to the penny players.

VIP Rewards

We have a lot of experience with players that have played at the casinos listed above and have seen VIP players being given all sorts of incredible rewards that they do not advertise. From designer watches, to luxury vacations, these casinos reward their best players like no others.

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