Social Casinos

Social casinos have taken the gaming world by storm over the last couple of years.

Playing at a social casino is really exciting because of the competitive element that you don't get with regular free slots.

If you haven't tried playing at a social casino yet, then you really should give a go at least once. The two best social casinos right now are Slotomania and Vegas World.

The good news is, signing up is really quick (it took me about 30 seconds) and there is no need to download any software to your computer.


1 - Vegas World

Vegas World is the free slots app that is truly world-class.

The app is very different from other games out there and takes a bit more getting used to, but once you have got the basics, it tends to be far more absorbing and interesting in the long-term.

Most players find that after about 20 minutes, they love it so much they end up telling all their friends about it.

The big thing that makes Vegas World stand out is the social aspect. In Vegas World you create your own character (including the eyes, ears, clothes etc) and you live in a virtual world full of slots.

It's not only slots in Vegas world, you can also interact with other players (but only if you want to) and you can do this in all sorts of different locations.

So, if you like you can go to parties, a swimming pool, or even just hang out in your apartment. As you progress through the game, you get more and more fun awards, including better and better slots.

There is also a leader board, so you can compete against friends, or just for your own personal achievements. Trust me, it is fun.

Download the Free Vegas World App


2 - Slotomania

Slotomania has been the world leader for a few years now and it just keeps getting better, so is likely to remain the number one (and the best) social casino for a long time.

It is not surprising that Slotomania is so good, because it is designed and developed by Caesars Palace Casino. They know a thing or two about slots, as you will see when you play.

Download the Free Slotomania App

Slotomania is now so big, it is the biggest online (and mobile) casino in the world. Bigger even than the huge online casinos that have been around for so many years.

It turns out that social is a lot more fun than just plain free, or for many players, it is better than regular online casino play. You still get the adrenalin, because of the nature of the game, but without any chance of losing your hard-earned cash.


Are there andy Real Money Social Casinos?

Social casinos are free to play, but like a lot of gaming apps, you can buy extra awards and gifts etc if you would like to.

One interesting aspect is that you can also be given gifts by other players. I have had this happen on many occasions and it is really exciting when someone gives you a gift.

It is worth mentioning that you do not need to provide any financial details at all, to play at a social casino.

There is no need for a credit card to play and with Slotomania for example, they give you 10,000 free coins as soon as you sign-up as well as daily gifts, so you get loads of play for free.

If you are interested in finding out what all the buzz is about, simply sign-up and take a look. There's nothing to lose and if you are like me, it will open up a whole new exciting free gaming experience.


Which Social Casinos are the Best?

We have played and tested all of the top social casinos and Slotomania to the best of them by an absolute mile.

There are several out there with 'big brands' games, but they don't seem to work very well at the moment.

We will keep playing and searching and as soon as any other the other meet our quality criteria, we will list them on this page.

The thing about Slotomania that is really fun and addictive, is the way you get to work your way up the casino rankings, unlocking new games and new bonuses along the way.