Privacy Policy

This page is here to inform you about the data we use and the third-party services we use to track anonymous visitor data, as well as the use of cookies, by these third-party services.


Rest Assured, We Don't Collect any Data that can Personally Identify You

First up, we would like to reassure on the fact we do not collect data that can be used to personally identify you. Listed below, are the types of data we do not and never have collected.

- We don't collect email addresses

- We don't collect phone numbers

- We don't collect physical addresses

- We don't collect information about your name, age, gender, date of birth or occupation

We have been online for almost 15 years and have never collected any of the above information, which is something we are very proud of.



Third Party Services we use - GDPR / Data Privacy Policies and Cookie Use

Our website uses several third party services to help improve our website. These services include anonymous analytics tools, a site search tool and geo-targeting services.

We need these services for several reasons. The main use is to identify which of our game pages are popular and which ones are not. Using this information, we can focus on showing visitors the ones that people seem to be enjoying the most, rather than the ones people don't like so much.

In other words, we use this data to make the website better. The data we use is at the level of the population, rather than the individual, to show trends and collated metrics.



Anonymous Web Tracking Services We Use

The web tracking services we use are Google Analytics and Statcounter. Below, you will find articles relating to their use of IP addresses, other data and cookies in the context of GDPR and European law.

In short, both of these companies argue that the data they track and store, including their cookies and IP address usage does not constitute personal data:

If you would like to refuse the statcounter cookie, please visit this page

You can also refuse cookies in your browser by following the instructions in the following links:




Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge



Site Search Services

In addition to web tracking, we also use a site search tool, provided by Swiftype (owned by a company called 'Elastic'. We don't have access to any data that could reveal your personal identity through this site search service.

Please refer to the Swiftype and Elastic privacy policy pages for more information:




We use a service called Cloudflare to provide extra security above and beyond our regular web hosting service. The Cloudflare cookie is strictly necessary for their security features and does not store any personally identifiable information. Please see the following link for more details:



Like most websites, we have a Facebook page and on some pages, we use a Facebook 'Like' button.

Please refer to Facebook's privacy policy page for their privacy and GDPR policies.



Your 'Right to be Forgotten'

You can ask us to delete any data we hold on you. We will pass on your request to our 3rd-party service providers, within 28 days of your request and they will delete any data they have relating to your IP address. If you would like to cut out the middle man and make the process a lot quicker, you can use the links provided on this page to contact the companies (like Google) directly and ask them to 'forget' you.


Please note: this page is not a legal document and does not constitute legal advice in any way at all.

This an independant website, which is privately owned by myself, as a sole trader in the UK, rather than as a company.

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