New UK Restrictions on Free Slots

In 2019, the UK Gaming Commission declared that slot machine fans in the UK would no longer be allowed to play free versions of real money slot machines online

This means that any games you can play for cash in real money casinos (either online or in land-based casino), are now unavailable, unless you have signed-in and completed an identity check.

Although this does not affect our social casino slots (because there are no real money versions of these games), it affects the vast majority of free games we have on our site

This page explains the new rules and how you can play free slots online.



Quick Links - Allowable Free Slots:

Please note that the following two free slot apps (no sign-in required) are still allowable for now, because none of their games have real money versions:

1) Casino World - Free Social Casino Slots

2) Vegas World - Free Social Casino Slots


So What Happened?

The UK Gaming Commission (UKGC) decided that to play free slots online, players in the UK must be signed-in and importantly, they must verify their age using photo ID or similar.

Just having a pull-down menu to confirm your age is no longer deemed not good enough by the UK Government, so all free slot websites were told to remove their game.



The new laws are intended to prevent people under 18 playing free games online. The new regulations are described in full, in the link below:

Link to the Official UKGC Rules


So How Can I Keep Playing Vegas Slot Games for Free?

The only way to (legally) play Vegas slots for free in the UK, is to sign-in to at a UK Government-regulated online casino.

You can sign-up and play for free and you do not need to deposit, or deposit any money to play. Our favorite online casinos to play are listed below:



Best websites to play free slots:

1) Mansion Casino - this casino is legendary in the UK for their free slots. They recently improved on their slots catalogue by adding the incredible slots made by ITG, which are genuine Vegas originals

2) - this casino is well-regarded and offers possibly the biggest selection of European casino slots out there, that you would find in UK high-street casinos

3) Mega Casino - focussing on Vegas slots, Mega is probably the best casino out there for mobile devices and they have a beautifully designed slots page, where you can play free games easily

4) Vegas Hero Casino - quite a new casino, but they have really done a great job where it comes to free slots and they offer quite a few exclusive games that you won't find at other casinos


What if I don't want to sign-in to an online casino?

One legal alternative, is to play games where there are no real money versions. Out of all the free slot games, we recommend the following two social casinos, which you can play without signing in, or needing to go through any ID checks.

Vegas World Free Slots - no sign-in necessary

Casino World Free Slots - no sign-in necessary

Please note: although you don't need to sign-in, you get a lot more play if you do (100,000 extra credits). Also, because there are no real money games, these apps don't require an ID check.


Will free games ever come back for UK players?

We hope that we will be allowed to bring back the free Vegas slots for UK players soon. Luckily, our Vegas World game is still allowed (see above), which is great fun, but with luck, the games from Vegas, like Cleopatra will be allowed back again, because we do not advertise, or directly link to any real money casinos on our free game pages.



Be wary of dodgy websites

You might still see some websites out there offering free slots to UK players. We have been advised to warn players not to use these websites, for their safety.

At this stage, the UK government is standing firm that it is illegal to show free games (that are also real money casino games) without sign-in, to UK visitors.

We have been advised that it would be wise to avoid websites that are flaunting the laws - much better to either play Vegas World (or Casino World), or simply sign-in to a reputable casino to play.

Better to be safe, than sorry.

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