Casino World

Casino World - Our Best Game Ever!

We are so excited about our new Casino World game, we really hope you take a few minutes to check it out and enjoy the amazing social features and slot tournaments.


What is Casino World?

Casino World is a brand new, next generation, social casino game and is by far the most enjoyable social casino that we have ever played.

You can play Casino World for free anywhere, any time, on any device.

The feel of excitement in this game captures you right from the start, when you get to create your own character. With so many different possible options and ways you can make your character unique to represent you, it's a great way to start the game.

Once you have created your character, you can begin to explore. At this stage, it is worth signing-up, because then you get 100,000 coins (limited time offer) which will make the game so much more fun - you can shape your own unique world around you, make new friends, enjoy socialising and play some of the best casino games on the web.

If you ever played the legendary Vegas World, you are in for a treat, because Casino World takes everything that Vegas World brought us and raises it to the next level.


Yes, Casino World is Brand New!

So here's the big thing - this game is genuinely brand new and you can play it here first, with all the new and secret features waiting for you to explore. You can play it here and discover all the hidden features and new games before anyone else.


What are the Main Features in Casino World?

As a new social casino game (let's face it, there hasn't been a good new social casino launched for years, so this is huge), there are loads of brand new features to explore. We list a few of them below, just to give you a taster, but there are loads more


Casino Builder

Casino World features a casino builder - this is an incredible feature where can build your own casino buildings. Some of the buildings can be used for parties that other players can attend/host, so you get to meet new (real) people in your own pad.


Milestone Rewards

The more you play the game,  the more you get to unlock awesome rewards such as buildings, Party Charms, avatar credits, Gems, and so much more!


New Avatars / Create Your Own Characters

One of the things that is blowing people away is that for the first time ever, you can create a genuinely unique character that really does resemble you (or how you want to be)

Amazing, realistic animated avatars can be customized in no time at all and you can change your look and your clothes whenever you want.



Charms have been around for a while in loads of games, but these ones are new and improved - we love them. Realistic Charms are far more frequently handed out than any game we have played so far and they help boost a your winnings when you play games


The Best Slots

Casino World is definitely a greta place if you love slots. You can play a huge number of different games and also, you can play in tournaments where you can compete with other people and meet new people, chat about your play, your casino and your life :)


Casino Games

As well as slots, Casino World offers all the other games you would expect to play in a casino. This is great for two reasons - firstly, you get to play plenty of different games, when you fancy a change and secondly, you get to meet other types of players in the virtual world.

So, if you fancy meeting some poker players, get yourself down to the poker tables and have a chat with them. Remember, behind each virtual character is a real person just like you, who loves to socialize and meet people and make new friends!

Casino style games include bingo, poker, mahjong, solitaire, blackjack.  We are in the process of including new games such as a match 5 game and a horse racing game.

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