Wild Huskies Slots

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There is just so much that I love about the Wild Huskies slot, that every time I am in Las Vegas I make sure I play it. It's not in all of the casinos, but I search it out because for me, it is one of the most polished games out there.

In many ways, Wild Huskies is a classic Bally slots, with all the familiar sounds and music that you get with so many of their 5 reel slots. It also has two, rather than the regular single bonus, which makes it so much more fun to play.

Free Wild Huskies Slots

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Wild Huskies Slot Machine Game

When you play Wild Huskies slots online, or in the casino, it will at first seem like a regular Bally slot machine and in many ways it is. But, for some reason, Wild Huskies has a big fan base - players that love it and want to play it.

The first bonus is a simple pick and choose one - you get the option of three symbols, all of which has a monetary prize hidden beneath it. With a bit of luck, you pick out the one which has the biggest prize.


A simple but fun game.

The thing that makes Wild Huskies fun to play, is that it is that they got so many of the basics right. The sound effects, the timing of the reels coming in and the way it creates anticipation and you get an adrenalin rush when you are waiting and hoping for that final bonus symbol to come in.

The best bonus though, which is the one I love, is the free spins bonus. I like this one in particularly, because you can get lots of extra free spins as the game progresses. Every time you hit a free spin symbol, you get another one and sometimes that can go on and on, resulting in lots of them.

At the same time, there are also stacked wilds and so if you get a whole bunch of those lined up you could be in for a big cash payout.




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