Debit Card Casinos Deposits and Withdrawals

Debit cards first hit the market over 50 years ago, eliminating the need to carry around cash or checks to make a purchase. According to the Kansas City Federal Reserve report, the first one was launched back in 1966 by the Bank of Delaware, and during the '70s several others followed.

The world’ first cash machine was placed in London in 1967 by Barclays Bank, offering customers to insert paper vouchers and enter a PIN to collect cash. The process hasn’t changed that much since, except that we now use a little plastic card and benefit from far more advanced security measures.

These days it’s hard to imagine life without a debit card, especially since the development of technology allowed us to make cashless payments to pretty much anywhere in the world.

Once a debit card has enabled purchases of goods and services over the internet, it also became a convenient tool for moving cash to and from online casinos.

Debit Cards Used in the Online Gaming World

The vast majority of gaming sites nowadays allow players to use them for funding their accounts and some are also willing to let you cash out your winnings in the same manner. Ease of use coupled with speed and security is what makes this banking option almost as popular as credit card payments.

Visa Debit, Visa Electron and Maestro are the most frequently featured debit cards on the online gaming scene. They all work in a similar manner: when a purchase is made, money is deducted directly from your checking account.

Visa Electron and Visa Debit are two sister cards with one major difference; the first requires that you’ve got cash available at the time of transfer, meaning your Visa Electron card account normally can't be overdrawn, while Visa Debit card typically allows payments which exceed available funds (up to a certain limit).

Chip technology is used to help secure payments, the three-digit Code (CVV2) ensures the buyer is in possession of a genuine card, and Visa’s Zero Liability Policy protects one from fraudulent charges. Verified by Visa helps banks verify it's indeed you making the purchase before they release funds. Clients are either asked to provide additional information, such as their password or a code sent to their mobile phones, or the bank does an analysis to check if a particular purchase fits their usual payment behaviour.

To make a casino deposit, players need to supply their Visa card number, expiry date, and CVV2 code displayed at the back of the card.

Maestro is a debit card service owned by MasterCard, with more than 660 million currently used in over 100 countries across the world. In some of them, the card was once called Switch, and though you'll occasionally stumble upon this logo when gambling online, it has mostly been rebranded to MasterCard’s global debit brand.

Players can use Maestro with a complete peace of mind knowing that the company implements state-of-the-art technology to keep their money safe from fraudsters and card thieves. EMV Chip and Dynamic PayPass are used to prevent card cloning, and every purchase is subject to Zero Liability protection, meaning you won't be held responsible if an unauthorised person makes a purchase with your card.

To fund your casino account, you'll need to enter your Maestro card number, expiry date and security code. Depending on the issuing bank, you may also be asked to put in your SecureCode - either your unique password or one generated by using an authentication device provided by your bank. The verification is executed instantly and funds immediately added to your casino account.


Online Gambling with Debit Card: Benefits and Disadvantages

Even before entering the online gaming world, players are far more likely to own and use debit cards than eWallets, cryptocurrencies, or any other banking option offered by online casinos. Previous experience with a particular payment method makes it much easier to make that first step towards playing with real cash.

Debit cards allow us to make instant transaction in an easy manner and with no middleman involved, meaning one doesn't have to set up additional accounts nor remember yet another PIN or password. Thanks to the sophisticated security measures implemented by banks, our money is as safe as can be.

The funds are available 24/7 for executing immediate deposits at the majority of gaming sites out there, and withdrawn cash can be collected at one of many ATMs frequently located within our immediate surroundings.

Just the same as credit cards, debit cards normally come with lower minimum limits and higher maximum ones, usually without fees such as those operators tend to charge when using Bank Transfer or Check.

Unlike credit cards, they won't allow you to spend more money than you have in your bank account, and while some may consider this to be a disadvantage, it saves us from gambling away far more than we can afford.

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