Nordea Casino Deposits and Withdrawals


Nordea is the largest Nordic financial services group boasting 200 years of experience in the banking business. Its roots go all the way back to 1820, with one of their very first customers being the famous writer Hans Christian Andersen.

The company was created by merging various Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian banks, and its name crafted by combining two words – Nordic and idea.

The name is supposed to demonstrate the provider’s commitment “to create high-quality solutions based on common Nordic values such as openness, equality and caring for the environment”.

Today Nordea operates in 17 countries across the Nordic and Baltic regions, in Poland and Russia, serving 10 million private clients and close to a million corporate customers. It offers a wide range of financial products, among which standard bank accounts, credit and debit card accounts, internet and mobile banking.

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Nordea Products and Services

Netbank is Nordea’s internet banking solution that enables clients to execute online money transfers in a safe environment secured by NemID, a system based on access codes. The service is available 24/7, allowing one to view up-to-date information related to their accounts and apply for a card or a loan.



Nordea Visa and Mastercards

Nordea customers are able to order a Visa or MasterCard which can be used to pay at physical locations or online in 150 countries and withdraw money at close to 1 million ATMs worldwide. Nordea Pay is a digital card which you’ll receive into your Nordea Wallet and be able to use immediately.

The owner of Nordea Wallet can pay for goods and services with an Android phone without the need for a plastic card. They can also connect with other popular mobile payment options such as Apple Pay, Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay. Nordea Wallet is free and can be used worldwide, both online and offline.

Nordea Mobile enables quick and easy money transfers and purchases in land-based and online stores. It’s an upgrade of Nordea’s previous solution called Mobile Bank and can be used by anyone, regardless of which bank they’re in. To enjoy its benefits, you’ll need to download the app from the App Store, Google Play or Windows Store.

Nordea Security Measures

Security of client data and their funds are one of Nordea’s top priorities.

The provider uses NemID, a solution consisting of “something you know (your password) and something you have (your key card)”, designed to protect you from hackers and cybercriminals. It enables a secure access to one’s account from any location and any device. NemID consists of a user ID, password and a code card, the latter slowly replaced by a card reader and a code app. The app sends single-use, transaction-specific codes which are time-bound. T

here are three different types (login, confirmation, identification) and you’ll be required to use them when doing internet banking and paying for online purchases. If an unauthorised third party wanted to sign into your account and collect your hard-earned cash, they would have to obtain both your ID and password plus grab your key card. This concept obviously ensures much better protection than solutions which use only password and nothing else.

In addition to the above, all Netbank transactions are protected by using TSL (Transport Layer Security) technology, an encryption method which prevents third parties from viewing information transferred via the internet. The provider continuously monitors new security threats and takes them into account when developing data protection solutions.

Using Nordea for Online Casino Payments

Making an online deposit with Nordea Netbank starts by choosing the respective option from the list of available banking methods in your real money slots casino lobby. The player will be redirected to Netbank login page and prompted to sign in using access codes.

The application will lead them through the entire process until the transaction is approved by entering a confirmation code and funds successfully transferred to one’s casino account. The same method is unfortunately not available for making withdrawals. If you wish to transfer winnings back into your Nordea bank account, you’ll probably have to use (relatively slow) Bank Transfer.


Online Gambling with Nordea: Benefits and Disadvantages

NemID makes Nordea’s Netbank an extremely safe tool for transferring money via the internet. Deposits are carried out instantly so there is no waiting around before one can start playing their favorite casino games for real.

Payments are made from a familiar online banking environment and completely free of charge. Users can pay via their desktops but also mobile devices, which is another point in favour of convenience.

On the other hand, while complex authentication system secures peace of mind, some players may find it to be too complicated and opt for a simpler alternative option. Availability could also be an issue, though online casinos catering to players from Northern Europe are more than likely to accept Nordea deposits.

Nordea mobile banking app, available for iPhone, iPad and Android is available for download at Apple App Store and Google Play.

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