Siru Mobile Casino Deposits and Withdrawals


Game developers and online casino operators have made it possible to play regardless of our location, and more or less all payment service providers have offered us a way to pay using our mobile devices. Some of the latter went a step further, coming up with convenient payment mechanisms requiring nothing else but a mobile phone with a SIM card.

Advertised as „the world's easiest way to pay with mobile phone“, Siru Mobile can turn any smartphone and tablet into a payment tool. It's quick and simple, charging the cost to the user's next phone bill.

The service is currently available with all local operators in Finland, Sweden, Norway and the UK, including Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, Tele 2, Telia, 3, DNA and Elisa.

About Siru Mobile

Siru Mobile is a tech startup launched in 2011 to provide a mobile payment alternative. The company based in Helsinki and staffed by mobile tech pioneers, developed a platform to support a cloud-based payment solution targeting millennials and other consumer without an access to a credit card and not much cash on them.

Siru Mobile is a flexible payment method which easily adapts to the country’s specific rules, regulations and languages. Various security tools, including two factor authentication and risk management protects users from fraudsters.

The provider’s customer support team will answer any questions and try to resolve potential issues as fast as possible. One can ask for assistance by launching Live Chat, sending an email, or dialling one of country-specific phone numbers.


How Siru Mobile Works

Instructions on how to use Siru Mobile are probably the shortest ones you will have seen – it's that simple! There's no need to download an app; Siru works in-browser and is accessed during the check-out process. The user needs to select it as a payment method, accept terms and confirm the payment, after which the transaction goes through and they are taken back to the merchant's website.

Siru doesn't require that your take out your wallet and whip out a pile of cash or a credit card; the amount paid is simply added to your mobile phone bill. No registration is needed either. First-time users will be required to verify their phone number via an SMS code sent by the provider, and only residents of Norway have to register to MySiru Wallet.

MySiru Wallet is funded by calling the provider's premium rate number. Once it's filled with money, you can visit a virtual store, opt to pay via Siru, and follow instructions which will appear in a pop-window.

The wallet works on both computers and smartphones but is controlled with one's mobile phone. It comes with 24/7 fraud surveillance as well as protection against identity theft, and transactions are easy to track thanks to a unique ID number assigned to each. The only prerequisite for making a deposit is that the user's MySiru Wallet holds enough cash, otherwise payment can't be processed.

There are balance limits attached to a specific number and they differ from one country to another. In the UK it's 40 GBP per day and 240 GBP per month (except for UK Vodafone 10 GBP/day and 50 GBP/month).

Swedish users have to deal with a monthly limit of 4,500 SEK, Norwegian ones with 1,000 NOK daily and 6,400 NOK monthly, and those residing in Finland with 300 EUR per day. They might be charged transaction fees which apparently depend on what's being bought, but that information will be shared before the payment is approved.


Using Siru Mobile for Online Casino Payments

Unlike with eWallets, users of Siru Mobile don't need to register for the service before they can fund their casino accounts. The process is as simple as can be: visit the real money slots casino’s banking page, select Siru from the list, enter the amount you want to deposit and your mobile phone number.

You'll also have to input a PIN code received in Siru's SMS and accept their T&C, but only when you're making the very first payment. Having confirmed you're ok with that particular phone being used as a payment tool, no future transactions will require a code. Once you see a ‘payment successful’ message, you'll be redirected to your casino account which will now hold real money to gamble with.


Online Gambling with Siru: Benefits and Disadvantages

Siru Mobile is an easy-to-use online payment method which requires no bank accounts and no credit or debit cards. The only tool one needs is an item pretty much all of us already use.

Payment process is exceptionally simple, especially since no preregistration is required, and deposits instant. All data exchanged between Siru and the courier is protected by SSL encryption, and when making a payment, the mobile phone number is the only piece of personal information shared.

Siru Mobile can’t be used for withdrawals so one has to choose an alternative cash-out method. Preset limits can be seen as an advantage since they’ll help you manage your spending, though high-rollers will more likely consider them to be a barrier.

There are also transaction fees to consider, so if you value affordability over simplicity, Siru Mobile might not be your ideal choice. The service is currently offered in a limited number of countries but the provider does have expansion plans and will likely launch in other markets in not-too-distant future.

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