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History of Wisconsin gambling

For over a century, Wisconsin maintained a rather firm anti-gambling attitude. Wisconsin was admitted into the Union in 1848, and it wasn’t before the 1970s that the situation began to change in favor of some forms of betting. Charitable bingo and raffles were legalized in 1973 and 1977, but the industry really started to thrive after the legalization of the lottery and pari-mutuel wagering in 1987.

Soon after, Congress passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and allowed Native American Tribes and their bingo halls to turn into modern, legalized casino venues in the Wisconsin territory. America’s Dairyland negotiated compacts with tribes willing to take advantage of the new legislation. In 1991, eleven of them were given licenses to operate Class III casinos. In 1992, the Office of Indian Gaming and Regulatory Compliance was created as a part of the Wisconsin Division of Gaming.

The Office of Indian Gaming and Regulatory Compliance regulates all casinos in the state. Any race tracks that were operating in Wisconsin slowly lost their popularity, and the last racetrack closed its doors in 2009 due to lack of attendance. Now, only off-track betting is practiced in the Badger State.


Regulation and legality of Wisconsin online gambling

Wisconsin does not seem to have any laws in effect targeting online casino players (at time of writing this)

The state did enter the gambling industry relatively late, so it makes sense that they take long to adjust to new tendencies such as mobile gambling and internet gambling.

There have been various administration hurdles that have been slowing down the initiatives for legalizing online sports betting and online poker. Players shape the gaming environment by choosing legal and controlled forms of online gambling. They try to reach offshore sites which offer fair terms and guaranteed payouts upon winning.

Online gambling is neither legal nor illegal in Wisconsin. Another day, another state that hasn’t bothered to draw up legislation pertaining to online casinos.

Unfortunately, this is not at all uncommon, as only four US states have a legal framework that allows casino sites to be licensed and properly regulated.

In most cases, this is due to the fact that lawmakers constantly have their hands full with all kinds of state-related matters. It just so happens to be that these matters are considered priorities over any kind of moves that would regulate gambling over the internet.

Another reason for the lack of legislation in Wisconsin is the absence of sufficient manpower needed to enforce anti-gambling laws. Even the most unfriendly states (gambling-wise) are cautious when it comes to amending existing laws and expanding them to explicitly include online gambling as an offense.

As a result, Wisconsin’s legislation contains a plethora of convoluted language and unspecific definitions. The statement that ‘all forms of gambling that aren’t licensed by the state are illegal’ is also present.

Even though this wide definition could technically allow law enforcement to arrest individuals for illegal gambling, no one in the history of the state has ever gotten in trouble for playing at online casinos.

Just to be extra sure, we checked Wisconsin’s court records and the analysis confirmed what we heard. Most gambling-related convictions targeted minors or individuals that attempted to set up clandestine operations (game rooms, backroom casinos, and what not).

When it comes to the current climate, it’s as friendly as it has ever been. 11 federally-recognized Native American tribes run a total of 22 land-based casinos. All in all, Wisconsin has one of the best brick and mortar networks in the entire country.

As of September 2020, there have been no indications of possible changes. There have been two attempts to legalize daily fantasy sports (DFS), but both have been quickly thwarted by the State House of Representatives.

Due to a lack of language specifically targeting online casinos, it’s not illegal for you to play. Since there are no specific laws, you can’t get in trouble.

Just make sure you pick a casino that’s licensed and recognized by one or more reputable regulatory bodies. It’s 2020, and fraudulent casinos have been almost nonexistent for some time.

Don’t listen to sites labeling every site from abroad as a scam. This is a very unobjective outlook to have, as much of the world has caught up with or surpassed the US when it comes to legal frameworks revolved around regulating online casinos. Stay safe and good luck.



Wisconsin land based casinos & real money slots

If you want to play bingo in Wisconsin, you can do it while being 18 years old and up. To engage in other gambling games in any of the casino establishments, you need to be at least 21 years old. All the Wisconsin casino facilities are located on Indian reservations, and are run by native tribes. There are over 20 casinos to choose from, and a dozen of them also offer lavish hotel accommodation.

Unlike most states where casinos are centered mostly on one or several areas, the casinos are spread evenly throughout the state in Wisconsin. You can find brick and mortar casinos in Danbury, Hayward and Turtle Lake in the west, or Bayfield, Odanah or Lac du Flambeau in the east. Blackjack, slots and video poker are the standard offering in all Wisconsin casinos, with some of them also featuring roulette, craps, baccarat, Mississippi Stud, Pai Gow Poker and more.

Most people would recommend venues such as the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in downtown Milwaukee, Bad River Lodge & Casino, Mole Lake Casino & Lodge, Mohican North Star Casino and Ho-Chunk Gaming Black River Falls. Potawatomi Hotel and Casino has a Las Vegas indoor atmosphere, offers 2,500 gaming machines and nearly a hundred table games. Recent reconstruction will leave the venue occupying 180,000 square feet. Mole Lake Casino offers bingo, slot machines and table games. It is a lodge style casino with an excellent promotional club.

North Star Mohican Casino has over 1,200 slot machines in its lobby, features a golf course, luxurious rooms and spa and hosts a variety of music events throughout the year.

Neighbouring States: Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota



How old does one have to be in order to play at Wisconsin online casinos?

21. Even though there aren’t any laws explicitly outlining the threshold, we believe that the best possible solution is for you to gamble only if you’re an adult.

Most states only allow those that are 21 or older to partake in casino gambling or sports betting, so you should definitely be safe from the long arm of the law.

Remember - there are no laws prohibiting you from accessing offshore sites, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Which games are available?

Literally any single one you want! As there are thousands of offshore sites at your disposal, you aren’t going to be constrained by limits of what’s offered in Wisconsin.

Offshore casinos willingly target players from ‘grey area’ states and adjust their game rosters accordingly. You’ll find a hefty amount of slots, along with several variants of each popular table game. The world is yours - just do a little bit of research and the fun can begin.

Can you play live dealer games at casino sites in WI?

Yes. Even though there are 22 casinos within state lines, players love that virtual experience.

You can find basic live dealer games, or you can try out some of the more experimental titles that have been released in recent years.

What payment methods could one use to fund their account at Wisconsin online casinos?

Pretty much the same you would encounter across the US, really. Offshore casinos do their best to accommodate the needs of Wisconsin casino aficionados.

Thus, you will see almost every site allowing deposits to be made with VISA, MasterCard, AmEx, or even Maestro. Bank cards are incredibly popular, as you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use them - just copy the numbers on the card, and you’re good to go.

eWallets are quickly gaining steam, as they are an effective way of shielding oneself against credit card fraud. Transactions are instantaneous and you can do some online shopping without revealing your personal info to unknown sites.

If wire transfers aren’t your cup of tea, then cryptocurrencies might prove to be a great solution. Your transfers will be completely anonymous, and impossible to track or manipulate. If security is your priority

Do withdrawals arrive right away?

Yes, unless you have to wait for an identity check. These usually require you to send a scan of one of your documents and wait for one or two days to get the green light.

Other than that, every platform has its own timeframe. Here’s how they stack up against one another:

• Bank cards: 3-5 days

• eWallets: instant

• Cryptocurrencies: 1 hour or less

• Wire transfers: 4-6 days

Fun facts about Wisconsin

  • People in Wisconsin are heavy drinkers. According to research, 7 of the top 10 drunkest US cities are located in Wisconsin. The numbers also show that 12 out of top 20 drunkest cities are located in America’s Dairyland. In Wisconsin, you can go into a bar at any age and drink, providing you’re with a consenting parent, legal guardian, or spouse over 21 years of age.
  • It is illegal in Wisconsin to serve margarine as a replacement for butter in restaurants unless the customer specifically asks for it. It is also against the law to bring a ferret with you while you go hunting.
  • Some consider that Wisconsin shaped modern music, because Les Paul was born in Wisconsin. The Wizard of Waukesha brought many innovations and inventions into guitar playing, leaving behind the famous Gibson Les Paul. The Waukesha County Museum hosts a permanent exhibit called the Les Paul Experience. Visitors can enjoy a collection of Les’ personal guitars, equipment and awards on display.

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