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Page 4 of our free online slots section. This is a selection of instant play 3 reel slots, no download required. 3 reel slots are very popular due to their simplicity, combined with possibilities of big jackpots - a great combination.

3 Reel Slots

Three reel slots games have been around since the beginning of the industry. Famous classics include original Red White and Blue slots. Over the last 10 years, games like Double Diamond, Triple Diamond and Five Times Pay have become popular, along with loads of similar, follow-up games like 12-Times Pay.

There are quite a few 3-reel slot machines that exist in both 5-reel and 3-reel format. Examples would include Wheel of Fortune slots, the Wizard of Oz slots, games like Monopoly and also Tabasco slots.

For many players, 3 reel slots are still the best. What it is about them that makes them so much fun is hard to define and is probably different for different people.

Sor some people, it may be the beautiful simplicity of the games and the sense of anticipation that you get when you see the first two reels fall on the jackpot, waiting to see what the third reel brings.

For others, the appeal of three reel slots games may be the hypnotic sounds in the background. The white noise style sound effects as the reels spin can take your mind away from all of the stresses in life and allow you to dream.

Did You know? ... players of UK casino slots in Britain tend to call the games Pub Bandits, Fruit Machines, Gamblers, One-Armed Bandits and Fruities?


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