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Cash Wizard Slots

When it comes to being cute, I would have to say that Cash Wizard Slots is in the top 10 of games ever produced. There is something magical about the cartoon graphics in the game that really appeals to people they want to play and play.

In Vegas, I see people playing Cash Wizard slots for hours on end, loving every little moment of the dragons and cartoon characters, as they interact during the game, during wins and even in between spins.

Free Cash Wizard Slots

Cash Wizard Slot Machine Game

The Cash Wizard slot is a really special one for me. The first time I ever played it, the first time I hit the spin button I got the random 'wizard wilds' feature. The next thing I knew, this little wizard character was throwing random wilds all over the screen and I was heading straight into a big win.

The thing that made me love the game even more was the amazing sequence of sounds and music that accompanied the payout and the final win. It just seemed magical, which I guess is the whole point, given the theme of the game.

When I look at this game and compare it to other Bally slots like Chimney Stacks, I wonder how they got things so right with this one and so wrong (imo) with the Chimney game.

Maybe it's just me, but the two games are not massively different in many ways, but a world apart in the way they play and the enjoyment they give. Suffice to say, though, I absolutely love this Cash Wizard Game.

Even when the free spins bonus symbols come in, the tension and the adrenalin that is created is superb. I get goose bumps when I get the forst two free spin symbols come into place and am waiting in anticipation for a third one to trigger the bonus. Not many games out there do that.

When you get the free spins bonus, you get a wand come across the screen, the game comes into effect with some wonderful music and you get a massive 15 free spins at 3x payout for each spin - it is pretty cool, to say the least.

At some stage during the bonus, you might be asked to pick a potion for extra rewards. Last time I did that I got a massive extra win that I wasn't really expecting and was totally celebrating!

Anyway, we have a free version, so please do take advantage of it and enjoying playing the game with no need to play real money, no cash involved and no need to deposits funds or even provide email to play.




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