KISS Slots Online and Real Money Casino Play

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KISS Slot Machine

KISS Slots Online and Real Money Casino Play

The new KISS slot machine can now be found in Las Vegas casinos and it has become an instant hit. Judging by the lines to play the game, it could be one of the biggest slots in Vegas for quite a while.

If you haven't yet seen the KISS fruit machine, then you can see some videos of it below - the game is totally amazing and nothing like this one has ever been seen online.

KISS Slot Machine

The excellent KISS slot machine is making a real impact in the casino gaming scene in North America and now it has hit the shores of Europe too. Online, the KISS game can be played in the UK, Irlenad and several Scandanavian countries.

The launch of the KISS slots game comes at the same time as a tour around Europe and the World and we have been lucky enough to be given 2 fre tickets to go and see them in Sweden. On top of that, the prize also includes flights, so it's a great one!


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