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Even though lots of people tell me the bonus game is wonderful, I actually never got to play it. I tried for ages, but never hit it and eventually lost patience with the game, finding it a little frustrating to play.

Like I mentioned, I do have a few frustrations with Rags to Riches slots. Whenever I have played it, I found the timing to be all out of kilter.

It seems to take ages for the reels to turn after I press the spin button, then they seem to stop too quickly, so you don't get any of the anticipation looking and watching the final reels to come in and see if you won big.

I will have to come back to this game and try again soon, see if I hit the bonus round. If I do manage to hit it, I will be back to complete the review :)

Rags to Riches Slots

Rags to Riches Slots and Real Money Casino Play

The Rags to Riches slot has become pretty popular, with a lot of players enjoying the bonus round, which is pretty unique and involves a little bit of skill, bringing back the old 'higher' vs 'lower' prediction game, like in Price is Right.

As far as regular slot play goes, there is nothing particularly special about Rags to Riches slots, although it does have a decent fan base. So, even though it doesn't float my boat, in particular, it would be worth checking out.


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