Wolf Run Slots Online - A Classic Las Vegas Slot Machine

Wolf Run Slots

Wolf Run Slots

The Background of how the game came about is unique to say the least. The original idea was a concept from IGT's only female lead designer

The creator of Wolf Run named this slot after moving into a residential apartment block called 'wolf run'. She thought this would be a nice idea for a slots game and boy was she right about that. Wolf Run has been a massive hit and is still high on people's lists of games they must play in Vegas even after so many years

The Wolf Run Slots Game

The philosophy of the slot is simple but beautiful graphics, consistent sounds for wins and potential to win major jackpots through what are termed 'stacked' or 'chained' wild symbols on all five pay lines. So, if all pay-lines line up with the full stack of wild symbols, a huge prize is won. The mathematics behind the game result in one of high


Wolf Run UK Casino Slots

Wolf Run slots (called fruit machines in the UK) has made it into several casinos over the pnd - apparently it is one of the most popular UK casino slots, over there, along with Cleopatra and also Kitty Glitter


Wolf Run Slot Machines in Vegas

Having been around now for a number of years, Wolf Run has become a firm favorite in Vegas. It's never easy to say why some slots become massive hits and others don't, but with Wolf Run, I think it is fairly easy. The game, when it was released was completely new and innovative with it's bonus features, sounds and the explosions associated with a 'Big Win'.

Out of all the 5 reel slots, probably more than any other in the casino has made the use of chained (or 'stacked') wild symbols and also, free spin bonuses almost essential for any new slot that is produced.


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Wolf Run Free Spin Bonus

The Bonus game for Wolf Run is in the form of Free Spins - if you get three of the 'Bonus' symbols appear then you will initiate the free spin bonus. The number of free spins can vary quite a lot, from 5 right up to 20. There are also now new machines where, like Cleopatra 2, the free spins are attached to a multiplier that increases with each spin that passes. So, by the time you get to the 20th free spin, your win is multiplied 20-fold!


Chained Wilds

Unlike many games with 'free spins', in Wolf Run it is not that bonus that gives you the really big money, it is in fact in stacked wilds. Columns of stacked wild symbols populate the reels and when they line up in a row (as you can see in the video above), this can be massive.

The wins on stacked wilds really comes into effect when you have both the maximum 40-lines being played and you get four stacks in a row. When that happens, bonus wins can run into the many thousands

The chained Wild feature is now seen on many IGT games, like Lil Ladybug, Stonehenge, Witches Riches and many more. Usually they are situated all together in the casino, so you don't have far to go to get a whole bunch of them in one place. You can hop from machine to machine to find the one you like


New Wolf Run Games

These days, when you are in Vegas you will find many slots that are very similar copies of this game (mostly produced by IGT), some of them being very good.

You will now also find the new 4-in-1 slots featuring Wolf Run and also a big multi-player version that is combined with a Wheel of Fortune Reel.

When you play this multiplayer slot machine and you trigger the bonus round, this triggers that same bonus for all players sitting at the machine (as long as they are playing a minimum spin price, usually around 25c, but can vary). So, you end up with a situation where all the players cheer on the wheel bonus together - it's a great way of making slots sociable

Wolf Run Slots Online - A Classic Las Vegas Slot Machine



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