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Where's the Gold Slots

If you are a fan of Aristocrat slots games, then it is pretty likely that you will have played Where's the Gold in a casino at some stage. It's an all time classic and has one of the most fun bonus games ever designed.


Bonus Game

In the bonus game, you get to pick out one of the characters. It could be a dog, a lady, a scientist, or some others. Then the game starts and they all start collecting gold which is then translated at the end into money.

The gold that you collect in the first part of the bonus game, in Where's the Gold slots gives you free spins and also, multipliers. If you do really well, you can end up with an amazing free spin bonus round.

Free Where's the Gold Slots

New Versions in Las Vegas

More recently, Where's the Gold has started to get more popular again and is making a real come-back.

This has happened to quite a few slots out there and is really good to see, because the new versions are even better than the originals.

Firstly, as you would expect, the games are brighter, more colourful, the sound is better and the cartoons much nicer.

But, the gameplay has remained as good as it ever was. I really like the game in the 'wonder 4' series and also the new version of Where's the Gold slots that I played in The Flamingo casino last time I was there.

Where's the Gold Slots Online

The online version of Where's the Gold is surprisingly difficult to find, especially if you want to play for real money.

The real money Where's the Gold online slots is only available in the UK and selected other countries, but not in North America (USA and Canada)

If you are in the US or Canada and want to play Where's the Gold for real money, then you need to head to your local casino, because the real cash version is not online for real money play.

You can find very similar games online for cash play, but just not the original, which is a shame. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy our free version!




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