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Xtra Hot Slots

Xtra Hot Slots - Free Play & Real Money Casino Online

The Xtra Hot game is a classic Euro slot machine. In fact, you could not get more traditional than this one - it has 5 pay-lines, contains a lot of fruit and has those classic Novomatic / Gaminator sounds and graphics.

So nothing special, you might think? Well, you would be wrong. It must be special, because this game is so popular, it's hard to imagine. People will play this game for hours on end and love every minute!

Xtra Hot Slot Machine

It took me a long time to appreciate these types of games, as I had been used to the games in Las Vegas. That is, a combination of 5 reel video slots (with bonus rounds) and 3 reel slots like Double Diamond.

One day though, I decided to play this Xtra hot fruit machine and I suddenly got into it. Maybe it was the beer, putting me in a trance, combined with those sounds of the reels spinning? Whatever it was, it got me loving these games!


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