Free At The Movies Slots and Real Money Casino Play

At The Movies Slots

Free At The Movies Slots and Real Money Casino Play

At The movies is a 3D slot machine game made by Betsoft Gaming. The game takes you right back to the golden age of the movies and presents a beautiful picture. With great sound and graphics, it is a lovely game.

Featuring plenty of bonuses, At The Movies slots has become quite a big hit online. It has been suggested that At The Movies by Betsoft might actually appear in Las Vegas at some stage.

Movies Slot Machine

The screen display on 'At The Movies' slots is really quite stunning to look at. It looks like a beautiful out door cinema, but there are also sodas, popcorn and snacks. In the background, the soft white/blue moon can be seen.

The music in this slot machine is also very cute. Playing in background, when you spin the wheels, it changes in style and volume, creating a nice change to the mood and a sense of excitement.

Once in while, if you listen hard enough you get to hear the soft applause of the audience in the background. Another nice feature in what is a very polished slot machine game.


Winning Real Money

The best prizes in At The Movies slots tend to be when you get a big free spin bonus. You can win up to 20 free spins and each one of those is double money. This means that some real cash can be won, if you get a few nice hits.