Free Frankenstein Slots and Real Money Casino Play

Frankenstein Slots

Free Frankenstein Slots and Real Money Casino Play

This a great free slot machine based on the classic cult horror icon, Frankenstein. Somehow, the makers of this game got the balance just right between making it scary and keeping the game play good.

This version of Frankenstein slots has all the ghoulish and freakiness you could expect from such a classic horror title. Oh and it has just a little bit more to surprise you, so is really worth trying out.

Frankenstein Slots Bonuses

The basic Frankenstein game itself is a 5 reel video slot machine with bonus features, but it is those bonuses that make the game such a joy to play.

When the Frankenstein slots game first loads up, it is quite spectacular and brings with it a feeling of anticipation. That is not lost in the bonus game, which is excellent.

First of all, you get three types of bonus 'wild' symbols - the lightning wild and the fire wild and the linked wilds. All three of them have different characteristics. That last of these, the fire wilds is associated with a free spin bonus. This is great for lovers of free spins, as will be the stacked (chained/linked) wilds for lovers of big wins.

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Frankenstein Slots in Vegas

It seems amazing that the Frankenstein brand has does not seem to have entered Las Vegas at this stage. You would think that the monster would have been converted to slots play in land-based casinos a long time ago. But, surely it will come soon, maybe in huge multiplayer format like Batman and Wheel of Fortune slots.

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