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Highlander is one of those classic movies - a real cult hit that has kept all sorts of folk, young and old, on the edge of their seat, with the passion and glory associated with those ancient Scottish battles.

The Highlander slot machine game is a good example of how to make a great movie into a game. It has good graphics and sound, as you would hope for, but also has plenty of original features.

Free Highlander Slots

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Highlander Slots Bonus Round

When you hit the bonus game in Highlander slots, you are first presented with a choice. The choice given to you is to select either 'Cut', 'Slice' or 'Stab' - very pleasant!

Once you have chosen your attacking option, you will then see a movie clip which corresponds to that move. Sometimes you will get a successful action and sometimes it will fail. If you succeed, you will gain more and more bonus cash.

Sometimes you will manage a 'Critical Hit', upon which you will be given an extra choice. For example, you might be asked to choose from a Belly Slash and Gut Render. Again, you will see a movie clip play out and if successful, you will get more bonus money.

If you are again successful, then you get asked what stance you would like to take for the next phase of the fight. For example, you might want to take a defensive stance, or an attacking stance.

Overall, you get 3 chances during which you can accumulate points and with it, bonus cash. As the clips say, "there can be only one" as you take your claim. The biggest total claim you can get is over £3,000, so there are big prizes to be won in Highlander slots.

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Highlander Slots in Vegas

Highlander is one of the slot that is, surprisingly, missing from Las Vegas casinos. In fact, it is not yet available in any land-based casinos. The only way to play Highlander slots online right now is to play online.




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