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Regulation and legality of online gambling

Just like in Alabama and Alaska, the Arizonian legislature is outdated when it comes to the many forms in which gambling exists nowadays.

Legally, online gaming doesn’t exist in Arizona, as no bill or law even acknowledges the existence of casino sites, offshore bookmakers, or any sort of game of chance that’s played over the internet.

However, there is one exception to the rule, a loophole of sorts. Because there is a total of 23 brick-and-mortar casinos within state lines, the state’s legislators agreed to allow each operator to launch an online version of their games. They are allowed to include any title they want, but it has to be a free-to-play version.

Thus, social gambling is completely legal in Arizona, but any site that involves the use of real money exists in a legal grey area. While the authorities can’t enforce law and arrest, you are devoid of any kind of legal support in case of a potential dispute.

Due to the lack of definite legislature pertaining to online gaming, some out-of-state sites don’t allow Arizonians to play live dealer games. More often than not, you’ll encounter next to no problems, but there are certain situations where casinos are extra careful when treading legal grey areas and simply refuse to accept players from states with nonexistent online gaming laws. Read the rules of every casino that interests you, if you wish to know whether you can access the live dealer section or not.

The situation in Arizona is similar with many other US states; the online gambling component is not explicitly mentioned in the legislative codes, and there is a general belief that online gambling is, therefore, against the law. The federal law only finds online casino operators guilty of providing gambling services and making financial transactions possible between patrons and banks through their sites. Clients themselves are doing nothing wrong, except using what is offered to them.

Due to such inconvenient conditions, Arizonians are using US-facing offshore sites to satisfy their gambling needs, and that is aright that no one can take away from them. There are no indications that online gambling activities will be regulated anytime soon in the Valley of the Sun state. Some interesting questions have been raised, though; for example, would online poker be legal from tribal lands?

Daily fantasy sports betting contests, although loved by Arizonians, are banned by the Daily Fantasy Sports Law and there are no legitimate sites operating within the state.


Gambling history in Arizona

Arizona has impressive landscapes that can include either deserts or mountains and is known worldwide for its specific climate. Once a Mexican state, Arizona achieved statehood in 1912. As in most US states, the gambling industry relies mostly on Indian reservations. One quarter of the state of Arizona is covered by Indian reservations, which favors the development of tribal gaming. State and national lottery are also popular and charitable bingo and raffles are allowed. Casino games for charity are strictly controlled and need to be licensed in advance.

The racing industry in Arizona dates back to the 1950s. It was in 1958 that horse racing was regulated in the Valley of the Sun state; it was also when the Arizona Racing Commission was founded. Lottery was legalized in 1981, making Arizona the first state west of the Mississippi to legalize a lottery. Tribal casinos were launched even before they were legalized; the state then negotiated gaming pacts with the Native Americans and established table limits, as well as which games are restricted from such establishments. Compacts were signed from 1992 onwards. Today, Arizona residents can engage in sport betting (pari-mutuel greyhound and horse racing), table games, slot machines, pull-tab cards, bingo and lottery (state-controlled and interstate).


Land Based Casinos

When it comes to land-based casinos in Arizona, many describe the situation by using the term ‘Indian monopoly’. AZ tribes are, for now, the only group of people in the state that are allowed to regulate casino gaming within their territory and run gaming establishments, and they make pretty good use of the liberties they are given. There are over 25 tribal casinos in AZ, on reservation land, hosting games from poker to slot machines. Class 3 games are allowed, which include slots and video poker, as well as most card and table games. To be more exact, only skill-based table games are offered (blackjack, poker), but games such as craps, baccarat and roulette are not. Poker tables are required to have a limit of $500, whereas other table games have table limits worth double the amount.

The casinos located in Arizona reservations are lavish; they offer great entertainment and non-stop gambling, imitating the Las Vegas style. Some of the biggest casino facilities are Casino Del Sol Resort with 1,300 gaming machines and over 20 tables and Harrah's Phoenix Ak-Chin Casino Resort with over a thousand gaming machines and nearly two dozen tables. Other notable venues include Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino with 2,600 slot machines, Desert West Valley Diamond Casino (over 1,000 machines), Apache Gold Casino Resort (690 slot machines) and Blue Water Resort & Casino (over 450 slot machines).

Horse racing enthusiasts are welcome at several venues, namely Yavapai Downs in Prescott Valley, Rillito Downs in Tucson and Turf Paradise in Phoenix. All the racing tracks in AZ use the pari-mutuel (pooled) model of betting.

Neighbouring States: California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah



What is the minimum age required to play at online casinos in Arizona?

Unlike most states where online gambling is largely unregulated, Arizona chooses to impose the same laws which are used to govern the existence of social gambling. All players who choose to partake in games on both domestic and offshore sites have to be at least 21 years old. To be certain that this is the case, check out the casino rules on the site. Be prepared to provide a copy of your ID or passport, for identification purposes.

Do Arizonian casinos have live dealer games?

Since there are technically no legal online Yes, live dealer games are a popular form of gaming, as they combine elements of reality and virtual reality. It’s also the next best thing if you’re unable to bask in the atmosphere of a land-based casino. Even though most sites are willing to serve Arizonian players, some people have experienced difficulties whilst trying to access several sites.

Can I get arrested if I partake in online gaming in Alaska?

No, you’re not breaking any law because there is no piece of legislation that legally defines online gambling as an activity that can be limited, prohibited, or in any way influenced. It’s a legal grey area, so you are free to play as much as you want.

Can I find a free spin bonus in Alaskan casinos?

Most definitely, as many sites from both the US and abroad are aware of the fondness people have towards free spins. Some casinos that specialize in slots can offer promotions with more than 200 spins going to the player, but you need to do some research if you wish to find such a site.

Can I find a bonus for particular slots in Alaskan casinos?

Yes, sites are known to promote new or refurbished titles with promotions containing free spins for that one game. To claim one, you just have to follow the news from your favorite developers and you’ll be able to anticipate a promotion designed for a specific title.

Which payment options are offered at Arizonian casinos?

Credit and debit cards are by far the most common payment method offered by online casinos in Arizona. The main advantage of this method is the fact that there is no additional registration needed. All you have to do is input your card number, expiry date, and SSC. Some casinos have a verification protocol in place, which means that adding a credit card to your account can take up to several days. Afterwards, you’re free to play.

Cryptocurrencies are another popular payment options, as players can stay completely anonymous whilst making transactions. There are sites that offer both traditional and crypto options, but there are also ones that focus solely on currencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, and even Dogecoin. However, everyone’s favorite payment methods are eWallets, mainly PayPal and Skrill.

How fast can I receive my payment?

First and foremost, the answer to this question depends on the exact method of payment you’re using. The absolute fastest are eWallets, which offer instantaneous transactions with minimal to no fees involved. If you’re fond of anonymity and using blockchain technology, then you’ll be delighted to find out that cryptocurrencies have an average waiting period of 30-120 minutes. Credit cards and wire transfers are obviously the slowest, with some banks imposing checks that can add up to four days of anticipation.

Another factor in this matter is the casino’s own policy. Some sites are adamant when it comes to prioritizing security, so they have verification protocols in place. During this process, you may be asked to provide a scanned copy of a personal document. Once you’re cleared, the payment should be transferred almost immediately.

Can I hope to find a deposit bonus in online casinos in Alaska?

Of course, as this is the most common kind of promotion currently available. However, you should know that not all deposit bonuses are created the same. Some might seem lucrative, but often include irrational wagering requirements for those who wish to withdraw their winnings. Obviously, you should avoid such promotions, as you’ll probably lose more than you’ll win while trying to play through the amount 50+ times.

The best bonuses are ones that don’t exceed $50, but are easy to turn into cash once you’re done playing. To be aware of what you’re getting yourself into, read the terms and conditions of every bonus and decide what you’re going to do.

Is it possible to be defrauded while playing at an Alaskan casino?

Whilst there is a small possibility of this happening, it’s possible to encounter a scam while playing casino games in Alaska. This is because there is no legislative definition of online gambling, so players can’t be protected by the Alaska Alcoholic and Beverage Control Board (AABCB) in case of a dispute. Therefore, you should only play at casinos that are licensed in other states and regions and have positive customer reviews.

Fun Facts about Arizona

  • There are plenty of famous tourist attractions in Arizona. For one, Arizona is where the Grand Canyon is located, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It is also where you can see the reconstructed London Bridge at Lake Havasu City, Hoover Dam, Winslow Meteor Crater, the Musical Instrument Museum and the Painted Desert, among others.
  • The Arizona town of Tombstone was the site of the legendary Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. It happened in 1881, and it was nothing more than a 30-second shootout between outlaws and lawmen.
  • There are some weird laws in AZ! For example, it’s against the law to refuse to give someone a glass of water. It is also illegal to sleep in a bathtub and to cut down a cactus.

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