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Regulation and legality of online gambling

Yes, online gambling is legal in Nevada. Such an answer certainly is expected, as the term gambling has pretty much been synonymous with the Silver State. The industry has brought a plethora of both jobs and revenue to not just Las Vegas, but Nevada as a whole. With that in mind, one would expect to see a well-developed network of legal online casinos.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the case, as Nevada still hasn’t passed any laws pertaining to online casinos. This might seem contradictory in relation to our statement that online gambling is legal, but it’s not. In fact, Nevada legally regulates all other forms of games of chance via the internet, except online casinos.

Sports betting, online poker, and pretty much everything else is and booming. So, why aren’t there any legal casino sites? Well, much of this has to do with the fact that Nevada, and Las Vegas in particular, have perhaps the most advanced and well-run brick and mortar market in the entire world.

This makes it hard for any legalization efforts, as casino owners are lobbying hard against any novelty that might put a dent in their market share or profits. They are simply afraid that launching online services would cannibalize their brick and mortar revenue. Of course, this isn’t the case, as, for instance, online gambling still hasn’t overtaken land-based gambling in most regions.

Given the fact that Nevada has always been the beacon of progressiveness in the US gambling market, it’s highly likely that Gov. Sisolak will approve some kind of bill in the near future. Online casinos are too big of a revenue source to be ignored.

Now that we’ve covered the future prospects of legal online casinos in Nevada, it’s time to look at what options you currently have at your disposal. Even though casino sites aren’t legal, they also aren’t illegal at the same time. This is simply because there are no laws in place.

Due to this ‘lawlessness’, you can easily partake in casino games at offshore sites. Don’t worry about getting in trouble - law enforcement has never prosecuted a Nevadan resident/tourist for playing at non-US online casinos. Just pick a safe site, and you’re good to go.

Nevada is an extremely gambling-friendly state. There are land-based casinos everywhere, and it’s only logical that trustworthy, legalized gambling transfers onto the online platform. So far, online operators are given licenses to run online poker rooms. Nevada lawmakers signed AB 114 into law, the bill that legalized and regulated online poker in the Silver State. Sports betting apps are also allowed, as long as you are inside Nevada and of legal age.

Nevada State Gaming Commission regulates both offline and online gambling ventures in Nevada. The Nevada Gaming Policy Committee also has a critical role in developing online gambling in the state. The Committee often discusses the vivid online gaming market in New Jersey and looks to follow its trails by introducing other online casinos games.



Gambling history in Nevada

There isn’t a single doubt about it - Nevada is the heart of gambling in the United States, and in the world. With a gambling history stretching way back before Nevada joined the Union, this initially mining area would become the gambling powerhouse of the modern civilization.

The United States acquired the territory of Nevada at the end of the Mexican War in 1848. Since it was located in the Basin Desert, not too many settlers decided this would be their permanent home. It was the mining opportunities that brought settlers to the Silver State.

In the mid-1850s gambling was considered legal, and it remained as such until 1909 when the Progressive Movement criminalized all gambling. Yes, to the surprise of many, Nevada has a history of being quite strict about gambling. In its case, this proved to be the perfect setting for the gambling industry and casinos to prosper.

In the 1920s there were some licensed card rooms and plenty of clubs offering illegal gambling games. The country entered the Great Depression, and the mine operations declined. To revive its economy, Nevada legalized many forms of gambling in March 1931.

There was no need for card games and other wagering activities to stay in back rooms and side alleys. Gambling clubs started to emerge in Reno and Las Vegas.

The first gaming license in Nevada was issued in 1931 for $1,410. Fast forward to 2016, a total of 335 casino establishments are operational in Nevada. From the Las Vegas Strip to the outskirts of Reno, there is no lacking of gambling opportunities in the Silver State. In 2017, Nevada casinos generated $26.2bn in gambling revenue, setting a new record.


Land based casinos

You may think all Nevada casinos are located in Las Vegas, but the fact is only nearly 50 venues are situated in Sin City, while the rest of the facilities belong to Washoe County, Douglas County and Elko, mostly. World-class gambling locations and hotels are the trademarks of Las Vegas. All the casinos are open 24/7, offering slots, video poker, craps, blackjack, and roulette, at least. Most of the venues have an expanded offer of sportsbook, racebook, Spanish 21, baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker, Mississippi Stud, Texas Hold’em Bonus, Sic Bo, keno and bingo, among other activities.

Should your path ever go through Las Vegas, you shouldn’t miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pay a visit to some of the most famous casino resorts in the world such as the Bellagio, the Mirage, the MGM Grand and Caesars Palace. The Bellagio is a 114,967 square feet casino with a unique nightly light and water show. It features 14 restaurants and 2,688 rooms. Caesars Palace has 136,415 square feet of casino space, over 3,000 rooms, 12 restaurants and a 125-store shopping mall. The MGM Grand occupies 156,023 square feet and offers a little over 5,000 rooms. It features the world’s largest hotel, a comedy club, a Cirque du Soleil Ka stage show and arcade games.

More interesting venues include Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa with 3,000 slots and 60 table games, The Venetian with its impressive exterior and over 2,00 gaming machines, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino with 1,700 slot machines, Golden Nugget Laughlin, and Tropicana Express Laughlin Hotel and Casino.

Neighbouring States: Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah



What’s the age limit for gambling online in Nevada?

Technically, there is no minimum age for online gambling Nevada. The activity isn’t officially legal and is not regulated in any way. So, how can you be sure that you won’t see the police knocking on your door?

Just make sure you or anyone you know are at least 21 when visiting online casinos. We used this number because land-based venues only allow legal adults to enter. In almost every state with legal casino sites, the limit is the same as for brick and mortar casinos. Sports betting and poker have the same minimum age, as well.

Which games are available at Nevadan casino sites?

Since you have a plethora of offshore sites at your disposal, there’s basically nothing you can’t play. Nevada is a unique state, as almost all casino games draw the same amount of interest from the player base. Most online casinos offer the same popular games, with some offering niche options in certain cases. Determine what you like and do some digging to find it.

Can you play live dealer games?

Yes, Nevada online casinos all have live casino sections. Even though gambling can be done on every corner in Vegas, there is still something special about playing from the comfort of your own home.

Classic variants reign supreme in Nevada, but you can also find experimental titles by companies such as Evolution Gaming and Playtech,

Do Nevada online casinos offer all the popular payment methods?

Yes, you will encounter all the usual platforms that can be seen in other states. The most widely used one is definitely the credit card, as it’s hard to find a site that doesn’t accept VISA or MasterCard. Everyone has some sort of bank card, and it’s easy to add the method to your casino account.

eWallets have risen in popularity due to their added levels of security and fast transfer speeds. They are especially great for exploring unknown offshore sites. You won’t be required to share your credit card information with the site, which effectively shields you from financial fraud.

If you value privacy and anonymity, look no further than cryptocurrencies. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Dash, or another currency, you will enjoy the benefits of transfers that are fast and impossible to manipulate/duplicate.

How fast can you expect your withdrawals to arrive from casino sites in Nevada?

This depends on the payment methods you’re using unless the casino has some internal review policy or pending period.

eWallets are the fastest, with instant transfers available with all the biggest brands, not just PayPal. Cryptos come in second, with a maximum 60-minute waiting time. However, experts believe that new virtual currencies will allow for instant transfers.

Credit/debit cards are notoriously slow, with banks taking up to 5-7 days to approve a withdrawal from a casino site. What’s even worse is that some banks flag online casinos as ‘suspicious activity’ and block withdrawals. Check with your bank about their policy on offering services for casino transfers.

Fun Facts about Nevada

  • Nevada is the only US state to legalize prostitution in licensed brothels. In some Nevada counties it remains outlawed, including Clark County which contains Las Vegas.
  • Nevada has some unusual laws. It is illegal to lie down on the sidewalk in Reno. Everyone walking the streets of Elko is required to wear a mask. You can’t place a bench in the middle of the street in Reno, as it is against the law. Men who wear mustaches are forbidden from kissing women in Eureka, Nevada.
  • The Las Vegas Strip is only 4.2 miles long. Over 75,000 miles of neon fit in those 4.2 miles.


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