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Regulation and legality of online gambling

Online gambling isn’t legal in Kansas. Contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t mean that it’s illegal. Even though both players and iGaming experts are aware that online gambling has been a thing for almost two decades now, legislators are much slower when it comes to catching up with new technologies.

As a result, online gambling isn’t even mentioned in the state’s legislature. This effectively means that you cannot get in trouble for playing any games of chance online. Operators, on the other hand, can get slapped with a Class 8 felony (15+ months in prison) if they set up any form of gambling operators.

Kansas has always been one of the most conservative states, especially when it comes to online casinos. Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has been legal since 2006, but only because of a ruling by the US Congress. Other skill games can also be wagered on in legal fashion.

Things get even stranger when you realize that the Kansas State Racing and Gaming Commission closed down all land-based horse and greyhound racing establishments, only to legalize this form of gambling in online form. Yes, you read that right!

Even though the overall situation with online gambling in Kansas is confusing, you can still play. Basically, you can access any out-of-state or offshore site that accepts players from the Sunflower State. In case you end up rejected, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will help you by spoofing your IP address and fooling the site in the process.

Online gambling hasn’t been addressed officially in the criminal codes and legislation of the State of Kansas. Some officials have expressed their opinion that current laws do cover internet gambling within their current format, which is arguable. Yes, the term ‘electronic device’ is mentioned, but since there are no specifications, this would hardly be a basis for prosecution.

A bill was passed in 2013 which sought to motivate land-based casinos and tried to ban online gambling across the state. According to the House Bill 2055, taking part in online gambling would be classified as a Class B nonperson misdemeanor, punishable by a fine ($1,000) and up to 6 months in jail. However, the Kansas Senate voted the Bill 2055 down (24 to 15).



Gambling history in Kansas:

Before there was a thriving gambling industry in Kansas, like the one today, there were oscillations and periods when gambling was frowned upon and widely accepted. At first, there were cattle drivers who liked to play games of Hazard (a dice game considered one of the predecessors of today’s craps) and Monte, mostly around Dodge City, frequenting smoky gambling dens. The Sunflower State then went through a quite a long period of prohibition of any type of gambling. The government banned all gambling devices and tables in 1868.

It wasn’t until the 1980’s when the things finally got moving, and horse race gambling was legalized. Bingo and lottery were introduced in this period as well. In the 1990’s, the state signed compacts with the native tribes and allowed them to open gambling facilities supplied with Class 3 gaming items. This included poker, table games and slot machines.

Now, Kansas benefits from both state-operated and tribal casinos on land, and plenty of options for online gaming, even though the current laws of the State of Kansas do not authorize or license any online casino venue. Like many other Americans, folks from Kansas seek their virtual gambling entertainment on offshore sites.


Land based casinos

People from Kansas can choose from several state-owned facilities and multiple tribal casinos in the state. The commercial casino industry, which lies on 4 casinos, is supervised by the state lottery. These venues include Boot Hill in Dodge City, Hollywood Casino in Kansas City, Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane and Kansas Crossing in Pittsburg. The first to open was Boot Hill Casino & Resort in 2009. It has 800 slots and over a dozen tables. Hollywood Casino is a larger venue with 2,000 slot machines, and Kansas Star Casino follows with over 1,850 slots and a wide range of table games. The newest and the smallest is Kansas Crossing Casino which opened in 2017, offering 650 slots a little over a dozen table games.

As for the casino establishments run by Native Americans, the most notable are Casino White Cloud, The Sac and Fox Casino, Prairie Band Casino and Resort and Golden Eagle Casino. The Golden Eagle was launched in 1996 by the Kickapoo Tribe. It occupies more than 45,000 square feet of gambling space, has 700 gaming machines (slots and poker) and includes a bingo hall and a buffet. The Prairie Band Casino in Mayetta is the largest tribal casino in KS, owned by the Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribe. It houses over 1,000 slot machines and 30 table games, offers 300 rooms in its hotel and counts on multiple restaurants to service its customers. The Sac and Fox Casino occupies to most space, compared to other venues in the state - over 105,000 square feet. Over 700 gaming machines are located on its casino lobby, and visitors can take pleasure in blackjack, poker, craps, and roulette, as well.

Neighbouring States: Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma



What’s the minimum age at which you’re allowed to partake in online casino games in Kansas?

21. You’re probably wondering why we gave a straightforward answer, right? Well, even though it may seem like the lack of laws pertaining to online casinos allows for lawlessness, the situation is quite different. Kansas law enforcement is known for its notoriously tough stance on underage gambling.

To save you all the trouble that might arise from breaking Kansas laws, we used the minimum gambling age for land-based casinos as a reference. Pari-mutuel, bingo, and lotto are available to anyone that’s 18+, but casino games are a different beast.

Stay safe and responsible. Gambling online if you’re not 21 can land you in some serious trouble, so don’t risk it.

What types of games are available at online casinos in Kansas?

As one of many ‘gray area’ states, Kansas effectively has a semi-clandestine online casino market. Like we’ve already mentioned, you have the ability to choose any offshore or US-based site.

No US state has the power to penalize online casinos that accept their citizens, and Kansas is no exception. Thus, you basically have access to thousands of iGaming titles and products.

In particular, players from Kansas are big fans of blackjack, with roulette and video poker also being hot commodities in the last 10 or so years. Progressive jackpots have become a favorite, too, mainly because you can win at any time, and the jackpot just keeps rising until someone wins it.

Can I play live dealer games at Kansas casino sites?

Yes, Kansas online casinos come jampacked with various live casino games. Many experts believe that this niche will become the crown jewel of iGaming in the future. This is because live casino titles can successfully recreate the land-based experience we all know and love.

Many sites are known to get their software from a single company, so you’re bound to run into some experimental title. Evolution Gaming, for instance, is known for converting popular game shows into RNG-live casino hybrids. Do a bit of research, and you’ll stumble upon a lot of interesting things.

Which payment methods can I use at Kansas online casinos?

Casino sites in Kansas give you the opportunity to pick between various popular payment options.

Even though there have been suspicious pertaining to the security and efficiency of credit/debit card transfers, almost every online casino offers them. VISA and MasterCard are, of course, the staples, but American Express, Payoneer, and Maestro have proven to be suitable alternatives.

Bank and wire transfers, albeit massively outdated, are still in use, mainly at sites that target players that are less tech-savvy.

Currently, everyone’s favorite payment options fall into the eWallet category. PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill lead the way in this niche. They provide better security than bank/card transfers, along with other perks. It’s about versatility, mainly.

Cryptos are often misunderstood by most players, but they provide the best protection against hackers and cybercriminals. Based on the revolutionary blockchain technology, these virtual coins allow for safe and anonymous transfers.

How fast do casino sites in Kansas pay their players?

This mainly depends on the payment option you’re using. Credit/debit card transfers usually take 3-5 business days, while bank and wire transfers can take even longer. The fastest option is PayPal, along with many other eWallets that offer instant payments.

Cryptocurrencies might not be instant, but 15-30 minutes is practically nothing when compared to what else is on the table.

Keep in mind that every online casino has the right to impose its own identity verification process, which can increase the usual waiting time. Read the T&C of every casino you intend to play at, just so you don’t end up surprised when you end up waiting a whole week before seeing your money.

Fun Facts about Kansas

  • Kansas is home to quirky roadside attractions such as the World's Largest Ball of Twine (located in Cawker City), the Subterra Castle (an underground missile launch complex transformed into a livable home), the World’s Largest Easel (holding a replica of one of Van Gogh’s “Sunflower” paintings) and the grassroots sculpture garden called the Garden of Eden which many characterize as bizarre.
  • There is a story which claims that Walt Disney fed a small mouse in the building of its first animation studio in Kansas City. Supposedly, that’s how he got the inspiration for Mickey Mouse.
  • Kansas is the birthplace of the famous fast food chain of restaurants Pizza Hut. The first Pizza Hut was opened in Wichita, Kansas. Two brothers, Dan and Frank Carney, opened the first, now famous, pizza place in 1958 with $600 they borrowed from their mother. They were still in school at Wichita State University at the time. They simply wanted a place to eat a good pizza, and now the Pizza Hut chain has over 13,000 restaurants worldwide.

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