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Regulation and legality of online gambling

Missouri yet another state where the existence of online gambling has not been legally codified. Playing at online casinos is not legal, but it’s also not illegal, as there is no legislation that explicitly imposes punishment in case these laws are broken. This is what’s known as a legal ‘grey area’, a state where unregulated business thrives.

What do we mean by that? Well, since the Missouri Gaming Commission (MGC) doesn’t provide licenses for online gambling, there are no casino sites based within the state. To play, you can access one of the many available offshore sites.

Sporadically, you might encounter a US-based site that allows Missourians to join in on the fun, but we’re just going to focus on offshore ones.

You see, while there is no online gambling-related legislation, offshore casinos can choose to accept players from Missouri. The MGC doesn’t have any sort of jurisdiction in Costa Rica or Curacao, so sites can expand their player base without taking too big of a risk. Of course, you’ll also find online casinos that aren’t willing to dabble in such activities.

Basically, you can’t get in trouble and there is no need to worry about anything other than the safety of your info. Even if you can’t be charged with a crime, there are still fraudulent online casinos. To avoid such sites, make sure that the casino you’re playing at is licensed and equipped with the best security measures.

As for the situation within Missouri state lines, it’s possible that we’ll see some changes in the near future. Recently, two sports betting-related bills have reached the Senate. While most legislators are in favor of the activity being legalized, there are still issues to be resolved.

The main one is the debate on whether the regulatory body should be the MGC or the Lottery Commission (MLC). When sports betting becomes legal, online casinos should follow.

Missouri law delivers a standard-issue legislation which can be found at most American states. The definition of a gambling device can be stretched so widely to include anything from poker chips to software which allows real money bets. Online gambling is not made illegal, but it is not seen as legal either. All forms of legal gambling must be regulated by the state, and since internet wagering is not regulated in could be deemed outlawed, which hasn’t happened yet. Missouri state legislators and law enforcers have never used existing statutes to prosecute an online gambler. They have the right to, according to many.



Gambling history in Missouri

The State Of Missouri was quite late to the party when it comes to gambling legalization and there’s very little mention of gambling activities before the early 1990s.

It is known that Missouri was part of riverboat casino industry during the 19th century and that enabled for Missouri’s casino scene to be entirely based on its rivers. The proposal to allow voters to determine whether the state should host riverboat gambling happened in 1991 and in 1992 more than 60% of voters backed the proposal.

With the reinstatement of riverboat casinos, the modern casino industry in Missouri begins.

These boats no longer sail, but they keep the industry alive in the Show Me State. At first, the boats were obligated to keep moving, but for safety reasons they are now mandated to be docked.

The state’s first floating casino in the modern era was the Admiral riverboat. The first customers boarded the Admiral in May 1994. In the first years of operating, Missouri boats were romanticized riverboat fantasy venues, whereas now they resemble the Vegas-like glitz establishments. Early on, casino ships offered two-hour gaming cruises. Now, they are considered seaworthy because they rest upon shallow pools or ponds.

Bingo games for charity were made legal in 1980, and the lottery was founded in 1985, with the first lottery draw taking place in 1986. Lottery proceeds go into education funds. Pari-mutuel bets were legalized in 1984 but Missouri does not offer any live horse racing tracks. Tribal casinos are allowed since 1988, but not one tribe has negotiated a compact with the state government for a Native American gambling establishment yet.


Land based casinos

The State of Missouri houses 13 casino venues in 10 different locations. Missouri’s largest city, Kansas City, is home to two casinos and two more in suburban areas. The second largest city, St. Louis, is in a similar situation with two casinos within its limits and two nearby. Other locations include Isle of Capri, Boonville and destinations that serve residents of southwestern Illinois, western Kentucky, western Tennessee and northeastern Arkansas.

Ameristar Kansas City is located on the Missouri River in Kansas City, covering 15,000 square feet. It has 2,800 slot and video poker machines and over 50 table games, as well as a live poker room with 15 poker tables. At Ameristar Kansas City Casino, players can enjoy exclusive high-limit slot and table games areas and stay at a 184-room hotel. Hollywood Casino St. Louis is located in Maryland Heights. The venue offers 120,000 square feet of gambling space, housing nearly 2,200 slot machines and 80 table games.

River City Casino is in the greater St. Louis area, in Lemay. It covers 90,000 square feet and it has approximately 2,000 slots and 55 gaming tables. The casino’s lunge is a sports bar by day and a music venue by night.

Mark Twain Casino and RV Park is in LaGrange; it is a smaller gambling center with over 600 slot and video poker machines, and a little over a dozen table games on offer. The Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel Boonville is stationed on the Missouri River in Boonville. Its offerings include 900 gaming machines and 20 table games (penny slots, progressive games, blackjack, craps, roulette, Cajun Stud, High Card Flush, Midi-Baccarat and more).

Neighbouring States: Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee



At which age can you legally gamble online in Missouri?

21. Even though online gambling ‘technically’ doesn’t exist in the state, we decided to use this number because it’s also the limit for entering one of Missouri’s 13 riverboat casinos. It didn’t hurt to be extra sure, so we looked at all the states with legal iGaming industries.

21 is the standard, country-wide. Even the proposed sports betting bill sets the limit at 21, so there’s no doubt about the way you should operate. There are sites based in countries where 18 is the minimum age, but partaking in online gambling at such a young age is still a crime.

What about available games? Do Missouri online casinos offer a wide range of titles?

Casino sites in Missouri are mostly offshore-based, so your offer is almost infinitely wide. If you don’t have particular preferences, top casinos will most likely be up to your standards.

Missouri players are fond of blackjack, roulette, and vintage slots, so you’ll have no problem taking the plunge right away. In case you’re on the lookout for indie titles, you might need to make compromises in other areas.

Can you also play live dealer games?

Certainly, live casino titles are very popular in Missouri. Since gaming is restricted to riverboats, more and more players are growing fond of the ability to get the same experience on your phone and computer. Plenty of offshore sites specialize in either classic games or wacky RNG variations.

Which payment options can you use to fund your account at Missouri casino sites?

If you’re playing casino games in Missouri, you’ll probably see most of the same options that are popular throughout the US.

Bank and wire transfers, whilst old school, are still relatively. Credit cards are used by almost everyone. They’re by far the easiest payment method to use, as you only have to copy the numbers from your card to the boxes on the site.

eWallets are poised to be the industry-leading niche, as you get the benefit of instant transfers and concealing your credit card info. PayPal is by far the most renowned eWallet. Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology. They allow for untraceable transfers that are approved by third parties and are altered by fluctuation in the currency’s price.

Do online casinos in Missouri approve withdrawals quickly? How fast can I get my money?

In most cases, the waiting time only depends on the payment method you’re using. This means that you are basically confined to the technology the platform is using. However, there are some Missouri online casinos that take security more seriously.

They might request a scan of a document, which takes one or more days to review and use it to verify your account. If you want to start playing right away and capitalize from it, don’t play at casinos that request account verification upon requesting a withdrawal.

As for the payment methods themselves, here’s what you can expect from the most popular ones:

● eCheck: 3-5 days

● Credit/debit cards: 3-5 days

● Bank/wire transfer: 5-7 days

● eWallets: Instant

● Cryptocurrencies (15-60 minutes)

Fun Facts about Missouri

  • Missouri is the birthplace of several world-renowned writers: T.S. Eliot, Maya Angelou, Mark Twain and Tennessee Williams.
  • In 1904 St. Louis hosted the 1904 Summer Olympics, the first Olympic Games ever held in the US, and the World's Fair. The ice cream cone and ice tea were both invented at the St. Louis World Fair. The 1904 Summer Olympics was as chaotic as the entire ordeal: nearly half of the runners got heat stroke, and the winner cheated by hitching a car ride and crossing the distance from mile 9 to mile 19 in a motor vehicle.
  • The house where the assassination of the famed outlaw Jesse James took place is in St. Joseph. He was killed in 1882 by a member of his own gang, Robert Ford, who wanted to collect a $10,000 reward offered by Missouri's governor for James’ head. The house is now a museum, and was a tourist attraction even before becoming listed on the on the National Register of Historic Places. The greatest attraction in it is the hole in the wall where the bullet that killed Jesse James reportedly went.

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