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Regulation and legality of online gambling

When it comes to gambling-related legislation, Arkansas is one of the most progressive states in the American South. They were amongst the first to legalize horse racing and create a state lottery. After some time, they also passed a law that allowed existing racing tracks to apply for a casino gaming license, which was then expanded to include new operators that wished to build a casino within state lines.

Internet bets have not found their way into state law, which is why prospective online gamblers must pursue their luck at offshore casino sites, joining the majority of the US nation.

In July 2019, voters approved a bill that would expand gambling and effectively legalize sports betting, but only in brick-and-mortar form. However, online gambling is still missing from the Arkansas legislation.

Like in many other states in the South, it’s a perpetual legal grey area, with players technically being able to play slots or table games, but without protection from a regulatory body. Online gambling is neither legal or illegal in Arkansas, which means that you can play because you’re not breaking any laws.

Gambling over the Internet while living in Arkansas is no different than if you were to live in any other US region where the local internet gambling industry is unregulated. There is no specific prohibition against online betting. However, there is a general ban on any forms of gambling which have not been made explicitly legal yet. But using this in any court of law is a stretch. The gambling laws in Arkansas are still largely based on the 1967 code, and these statutes predate the internet. The gray area covers many a region in the US, but the players don’t mind it as long as they have their offshore casinos to gamble at. Most gambling enthusiasts feel confident about wagering over the internet, thinking it unlikely that they will experience any interference by the law enforcers.


Gambling history in Arkansas

The Southern Club, which was run by mobster Owney Madden, hosted politicians, movie stars and high rollers, and operated underground. All the casinos that sprang up in the city during the Great Depression entered a tough break in the post-war era. The political moods have changed after World War II and the gambling scene was affected by the conservative movement which eventually put an end to the flourishing Hot Springs gambling history in 1967. The place is now synonymous with leisurely vacations and spa retreats. Hot Springs literally went down in flames, as Governor Winthrop Rockefeller sent in squads of state troopers to terminate all casino operations and burn all the gaming machines and tables.

What was left alive were the racetrack venues and dog racing facilities. Horse racing in Arkansas dates back to 1929, whereas greyhound racing was legalized in 1957. None of this legislation changed until the early 2000s, and the gambling climate focused primarily on the racetracks, which were also a touristic asset. In 2005, the Game of Skill act came into effect in Arkansas and it allowed electronic skill-based games at the racetracks, turning them into what is popularly known as racinos. Charity games and raffles have also been introduced and there is an operating state lottery. The only reason why the lottery was established was the ability to funnel money into the state’s educational system.


Land based casinos

Arkansas is home to two pari-mutuel racetracks which pass as racinos because they house electronic games of skill. There are no commercial casinos in the Natural State, and no casinos on Native American reservation land. The two existing casinos have a limited range of games. While offering blackjack, roulette, craps, slots and live poker, racinos can merely come second to a genuine gambling experience at proper brick and mortar casinos. The slot machines offered in Arkansas are based on skill; they provide the player with two spins. Upon witnessing the results of the first spin, the player is allowed to retain any and all of the symbols on each reel, or none at all, before proceeding to the next spin. The minimal return of electronic gaming machines in the State of Arkansas is 83%.

The two racinos are Oaklawn Racing & Gaming, also known as Oaklawn Jockey Club, and Southland Park Gaming & Racing. Oaklawn Racing & Gaming is located in Hot Springs and operates primarily as a thoroughbred racing track. Oaklawn also features over 1,000 slots, instant racing and video poker terminals, playable at low stakes. Electronic blackjack and live poker are offered as well, but live poker is played using electronic cards and deals. The venue is open from 10 am to 3 am/5 am (Fri/Sat), offers free parking and the services of three restaurants.

Southland Park Gaming & Racing is located in West Memphis. It houses over 600 slot machines on its floors, as well as electronic forms of blackjack and poker. Southland Park has a high limit room with machines accepting bets between $1 and $25, and also offers a wheel of fortune machine, roulette and craps. The establishment is associated with 4 restaurants and a buffet (player's club members get a buffet discount). Both Arkansas tracks run only seasonal racing, but gaming is available around the calendar year.

Neighbouring States: Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas



How old do I have to be to play at an Arkansan online casino?

In order to partake in online gambling in this state, you have to be 21 or older. Even though there aren’t any laws defining this activity in Arkansas, land-based casinos serve adults only. Therefore, the same logic can be applied to online games, despite the apparent lack of legislation. Most casinos require a scanned copy of your personal documents, which means that you can rest assured that they operate in a law-abiding manner.

Are live dealer games available in Arkansan casinos?

Technically, no, since there aren’t any fully legal online casinos in the state. While you can play slots and table games at Southland Casino Racing and the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort, neither of the two venues have a real money online option. Social gaming is completely legal, but you can easily play real money games in Arkansas on sites that are registered elsewhere.

Many offshore and domestic brands let Arkansan players slip through the cracks, but it’s possible that you’ll find several online casinos that block your IP address. According to player reports, this is mostly the case with New Jersey-based sites, as this state has the strictest outlook towards allowing grey area players from partaking.

The most common live dealer games offered are blackjack, dice, roulette, and baccarat. You’ll find titles from all the popular developers, such as NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. The amount and overall variety of games depend on the casino you choose.

What payment options are available in Arkansan casinos?

Because there is a large number of competing brands vying for the state’s players, you’ll be able to find literally every popular payment platform. Since various age groups like to partake in online gaming, the most basic option offered is a credit or debit card transaction. Since you only have three sets of information to input while adding the card, it’s easy to use and popular with those that aren’t internet savvy.

eWallets are the hot commodity right now, with PayPal handling billions of dollars on a daily basis. Neteller and Skrill have also become popular because of their speed and ease of use.

Whilst a little bit trickier to handle, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a viable option for all those who value privacy and anonymity over everything else. Virtual coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and others are offered by a large majority of esteemed casinos.

Depending on your preferences, you can play any way you want.

Do I have to wait long before I receive my payment?

Not always. Some payment options are more focused on speed, while others are characterized by long pending times. The slowest of all payment methods are credit cards, as banks take a long time to process every transaction and verify the validity of it. Sometimes, banks might flag online casinos as unsafe and even block transactions. However, they’re still easy to use.

eWallets, on the other hand, are the fastest of the bunch, with almost every provider offering instant transfers as a basic feature. Cryptocurrencies also take a short amount of time to be transferred, with six hours being the upper limit when it comes to waiting times.

Casinos can also impose their own identity verification protocols, you might experience this while waiting for your first withdrawal. The length of the process depends on how efficient is said casino’s staff.

Do Arkansan casinos offer free spins?

Certainly. As one of the most popular rewards of players, free spins are an integral part of almost every welcome bonus or limited-time offer. In most cases, you’ll encounter that almost no promotions come with more than 100 free spins. The only exceptions are multi-stage deposit bonuses, which can be used to accumulate more than 500 free spins, as you increase the amount of money you add to your account.

Can I get arrested if I play at an online casino in Arkansas?

No, you cannot. There are no existing pieces of legislation that define online gambling as a criminal offense. If one casino in Arkansas started offering online services, they would be the ones to get in trouble, as it’s their responsibility to stay within the limits of the law. As players aren’t legally restricted in any way, you can rest assured that you won’t suffer any legal consequences. However, if you choose to create an account at another site, they can void it if they find out you’re from a grey area state.

What are the usual wagering requirements for online casinos in Arkansas?

When you’re looking for a bonus at an Arkansan casino, you should be eyeing promotions in the 20x-30x ballpark. This is a good financial foundation and a great way to balance out your bankroll after a previous bad run.

Which games have the biggest contribution to playthrough requirements?

Slots are usually the only form of online casino game that has a 100% bonus contribution rate. This is because they are notoriously volatile and there’s no way to use a single strategy to win consistently. Table games, on the other hand, often hover around the single-digit area.

When can we expect the full legalization of online gambling in Arkansas?

We don’t know. However, as two more casinos and three more sportsbooks will be added, there is a high chance that casino games will be legalized once there is a legal sport betting foundation in place.

Fun Facts about Arkansas

  • Two particularly bizarre phenomena are located in Arkansas. The first one is the Dover Lights which occurs in an uninhabited valley of the Ozark Mountains. The strange illumination is attributed to the restless spirits of Spanish soldiers who died there looking for treasure - according to the local legend. The other one is the Southern Sasquatch, also known as the Fouke Monster, whose sightings were reported in 1971.
  • A person who lives in Arkansas is called an Arkansan, but a native from Arkansas can also be called Arkansasan, Arkansasian, Arkansawyer or Arkie.

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