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Regulation and Legality of Online Gambling

No, online gambling is not legal in NH. By this, we mean that the state hasn’t legalized online casinos. This is not unusual for states in the New England area, as most of their neighbors are liberal towards an above-average extent. However, they also limit the functioning of some important sectors of the gaming industry.

Such is the case in New Hampshire, where the lack of legal online casinos is in contrast with a flourishing sports betting industry. Interestingly, NH is the only state to launch sports betting in online form first, on 30 Dec 2019. DraftKings became the first operator to venture into the New Hampshire market.

As of August 2020, they’re still the only available app. There will also be up to 10 retail locations in five cities/towns, which will help the industry evolve in a slow, but natural manner. In addition to sports betting, other legal gambling activities are sweepstakes, table games, craps, online lottery, and fantasy sports. Horse and dog races are also popular.

There’s no telling when New Hampshire will finally open its eyes to the profitability of online casinos. This is because the state’s legislators have a strange outlook on technology and gambling. Believe it or not, any and all forms of machines are illegal for playing games of chance.

Casinos only offer table games in their basic forms, without any assistance from ‘a machine.’ Since slots are a big part of basically every brick and mortar venue, let alone casino sites, it’s going to take a lot for New Hampshire online casinos to become a reality.

So, if there aren’t any legal casino sites in NH, what can you do to have some fun? Well, the answer to this question lies in the wording of New Hampshire laws. It’s illegal for online gambling operations to exist in NH, but the law doesn’t forbid offshore sites from welcoming people from this state.

Thus, you have a large number of offshore casinos at your disposal. Now, a large majority of these sites are legal and regulated in their own respective jurisdictions, but there is always the risk of getting defrauded. In cases something like that happens, you won’t be entitled to assistance in case of a dispute. Be careful and only play at legitimate New Hampshire online casinos.

If we look at the states that have already legalized online gambling we’ll see that one of the requirements was to have land-based casinos that would partner up with online gambling brands. In New Hampshire, there are no brick and mortar casinos, so that puts the gaming community in a pickle. Still, the legislators have been working hard trying to make something happen. In January 2017, State House Rep. Eric Schleien introduced HB 562, which seeks to add internet gambling to the list of activities that are known and practices as exceptions to the overall gambling ban. The HB 562 is currently being reviewed by a committee. It is difficult to make any assumptions at this point, but most experts agree on the unlikeliness of a regulated online gambling market in New Hampshire any time soon.



Gambling history in New Hampshire

As for any major types of gambling, Pari-mutuel betting was the first one to be legalized in 1933. The racing industry thrived for years, but in the 2000s its popularity declined to the point when both greyhound and horse races stopped in 2013.

There were numerous initiatives for introducing land-based casinos in the state, but none of them stuck. For example, the HB 1266 bill to establish casino gambling in NH was proposed in 1990, but it was defeated because it was believed that “the expansion of gambling to this extent would have a severe negative impact on the quality of life”.

In the following years, the legislators tried to legalize video gambling machines, casino cruises, electronic games of chance at racetracks, state-owned casinos that would finance education and privately-owned casinos that would be regulated by the Lottery Commission, but these were all defeated.

That being said, New Hampshire residents can enjoy charitable gambling and their precious lottery within the state. For a more intense gambling experience, they need to travel elsewhere.


Land Based Casinos

As mentioned, New Hampshire is home to exactly zero casinos, tribal or commercial. However, there are options to be found if a person is willing to look far and wide for a piece of the action. Thanks to a loophole in the charitable gambling regulation set, there are venues across the Granite State that offer poker rooms with live Three Card Poker tables, blackjack, roulette, craps and Let It Ride. Certain establishments of this nature have actually started operating after the racetracks went defunct, so there are also options of placing bets on the ponies via simulcasting from other states.

The best-known “racino” is Rockingham Park, which was once the most famous and largest live racetrack in the state. Now it offers simulcast racing and live poker, roulette, blackjack and also bingo. Locals also tend to visit the Seabrook poker room, the Manch Vegas in Manchester and the River poker room. All these mini casinos are required to partner up with charities and donate 35% of their revenue. If we omit poker, the betting limits for every table are set at $4 per round. None of these establishments hosts slots.

Even though tribal gambling is legal under federal law, the State of New Hampshire hasn’t got any federally recognized Native American tribes. The residents of New Hampshire who decide to travel to neighboring states for some gambling fun and some profit usually chose to go to large-scale resorts such as Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Massachusetts casinos also maintain a decent flow of patrons from NH.

Neighbouring States: Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont



At what age can you play at New Hampshire online casinos?

As there are no laws that regulate casino sites in New Hampshire, the best way to be sure that you won’t get in trouble is by playing only if you’re 21 or older. We picked this number specifically, mostly because it’s the usual age limit at all state where you can play at legal casinos.

Even sports betting shares the same minimum age, so you won’t be bothered if you’re an adult. Remember, just because online gambling isn’t regulated, that doesn’t mean the police will be willing to turn a blind eye towards underage gambling.

What games are available at casino sites in NH?

With a myriad of offshore casinos available, there’s literally no game you can’t play. All it takes is a bit of research after determining what you want to play. If your goal is mainly centered around exploration, you can expect to find the same hit titles at most sites.

In case you have niche preference, you’ll need a bit more time to find what you’re looking for, but there are casinos that will accommodate your specific needs.

Are live dealer games available, too?

Certainly. Since you can only play the most basic table game variations at land-based venues, NH players love to feel the iconic casino vibe on their smartphones and computers. If you want to keep it old school, you’ll find the original variants all over the place. For those that feel a bit more adventurous, experimental game versions are available, as well.

Which payment methods can you use at New Hampshire online casinos?

Just like in every other US state, New Hampshire allows access to all the most popular payment options. You’ll find that cards are still the most-used platform, as literally everyone has one. They’re easy to connect to any casino account, but there are significant security risks involved.

eWallets are seriously threatening the popularity of cards, as players are increasingly drawn to the benefits of added security measures and fast transfers. And it’s not just PayPal anymore. Other providers, such as Neteller and Skrill, have proven to be more than capable alternatives.

Cryptocurrencies are the newest platform, allowing anonymous and secure transfers to anyone who doesn’t want to take any risks whilst playing at offshore sites. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, followed by a plethora of contenders.

How fast do casino sites in NH pay withdrawals?

Unless the casino has additional review policies, the waiting time depends solely on the payment method is used. eWallets are the fastest possible way of withdrawing money, as you always get it instantly upon the completion of the transfer request.

Cryptos are the next fastest options, with maximum waiting times never exceeding 60 minutes. Credit cards are much slower, as banks need up to 7 days to verify the transactions. And don’t get us started on ACH or wire transfers. If you don’t like waiting for a long time, look for New Hampshire online casinos with crypto or PayPal withdrawals.

Fun Facts about New Hampshire

  • New Hampshire was one of the original 13 colonies and it was the first to declare its independence from Mother England. This happened 6 months before The Declaration of Independence was signed.
  • New Hampshire is the birthplace of various comedians. Some of them are the Late Night host and former SNL cast member Seth Meyers, stand-up comedian Sarah Silverman and the actor Adam Sandler.
  • In case you were wondering where the original 1995 Jumanji movie was shot, the answer is Keene, New Hampshire. A good portion of the film shows background shots of the tranquil streets of Keene, which serve as a contrast to the jungle theme of the board game that was brought to life in this cinematic gem starring the great Robin Williams.

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