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Regulation and legality of Vermont online gambling

Vermont’s lawmakers are not tackling the issue of online gambling at this point, and they probably won’t be doing it any time soon. The existing gambling laws, criminal codes and regulatory statutes don't specifically mention online gambling. There is no distinguishing between the traditional forms of gambling and the online format, which makes one believe that online gambling is already covered, while others consider that there must be a clear distinction.

There has been some consideration when it comes to selling lottery ticket online, but nothing remotely close to establishing a stable intra-state internet gambling network. We are yet to see bills being brought before the VT state legislature that would legalize internet betting activities in the Green Mountain State. Until then, gamers from Vermont will continue to enjoy their favorite card games and slots on their tablets, smartphones or computers through offshore platforms that operate in the US despite the UIGEA.

Online gambling is neither legal nor illegal in Vermont. Such a peculiar situation is merely the result of a lack of legislation on the matter. This is a pretty common occurrence in many US states. It happens due to the fact that legislators just don’t have the time to be bothered by the intricacies of gambling over the internet.

As surprising as it sounds, it’s pretty hard for state representatives to pay attention to a million things at once. Therefore, only states with severe budget problems, or ones with liberal lawmakers, consider legalizing gambling. Vermont, as of 2020, falls into neither of these two categories.

They are also one of the smallest states in the country, with over 80% of the state’s territory covered by forests. With only 623,000 people living within state lines, potential interest is also low compared to other states. All of this makes for a situation that’s very inhospitable towards gambling, online or otherwise.

At one point, pari-mutuel wagering was quite popular, as were horse and greyhound races. However, both of the state’s facilities for this activity closed down in the 1980s and 90s. Therefore, one of the only gambling options in the state was subtly ‘eradicated’.

There was also an experiment involving electronic lottery terminals, which were installed into 25 bars across the state. For some reason, the state made them illegal after just a year, and they were all duly removed.

Since then, there have been numerous movements to bring some sort of gambling expansion to Vermont. State Rep. Ronald Hubert (R) has notably introduced bills to the State House of Representatives for six straight years, but every single one died in committee. It seems that Vermont won’t get additional gaming options any time soon.

However, there’s also some good news. Since there is no legislation pertaining to online casinos, you can play at offshore sites without worrying about getting in trouble. Without any laws, there isn’t a crime to commit. You just have to choose an offshore casino that’s safe, licensed, and reputable amongst both players and experts.

Long gone are the days of offshore sites being scams. If you see a particular casino has a license from Malta, Italy, Germany, or the UK, you can be sure that they’re legitimate, due to the strictness of the aforementioned countries’ regulatory bodies.



Gambling history in Vermont

Unlike most of the American states which can brag about their long and eventful histories with gambling, Vermont’s history with betting is a short one. That does not necessarily make it uninteresting, though. Vermont is one of the smallest and least-populous states, and there’s no way of going around it. To top that, the Green Mountain State doesn’t really count on a gambling-friendly locale. That being said, it makes sense that only a few forms of gambling and betting were ever legalized or even considered for regulation in this petite state.

Historical records show that there were some state-managed lotteries held way back in the late 18th century, but after that and all the way until the late 1950s, VT positioned itself as a gambling-free territory. It was in 1959 that pari-mutuel betting was made legal at racetracks and county fairs. This kicked off a horse racing industry which was active for a while, but eventually faded away.

The irony is that the law from 1959 still stands although there are no more operations racetrack facilities in the state. An act that would legalize lottery and charity games was passed in 1976; the first games took place a couple of years after. Now, lottery and charity bingo are where practically all the action is at in the Green Mountain State.

Today’s Vermont lacks dog racing, horse racing, land-based casinos, and even social gambling. There’s only one game in town – and that’s the lottery numbers. People from Vermont who wish to try their luck at something with better odds in a more intense gambling atmosphere always have the option to hit the road and pay a visit to any of the nearby larger states with solid casino industries.


Land based casinos

Vermont is not a destination for you if you’re looking for brick and mortar action. This state doesn’t have a single establishment dedicated to gambling, owned by either private companies, the state or Native American tribes. There are no federally recognized Native American tribes in Vermont, therefore the federal law that allows them to run casino businesses has no application here. Gambling was never promoted in Vermont, but at a point it was acceptable. Unfortunately, this did not last and no casinos were ever built. All the gambling now comes down to occasional charity casino nights, bingo games, off-track betting in taverns and pull-tab type games.

The good people of Vermont have no other option but to make use of the closeness of casinos in other states. To be precise, they travel to Connecticut, New York or Main to satisfy their gambling needs at the tables or in front of modern one-armed bandits. The casino resorts of Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are a common choice, as well as the Rivers Casino in Schenectady, New York, which is a three-hour drive away. Some Vermont residents opt for gambling venues in Massachusetts, and even Montreal across the border.

Neighbouring States: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York



How old does one have to be in order to play at Vermont online casinos?

21 is always the safest threshold to consider in cases like this. Most states impose this kind of limit, and it never goes higher. So, if you are legally an adult and you’re playing at offshore casinos, Vermont police won’t bother you at all.

And we’re not just saying that to make you feel better. We scoured court records and cases, only to find that no one has ever been charged with illegal gambling for playing at a site that’s based abroad. Anti-gambling laws are usually made to stifle those who intend on setting up clandestine operations, not the players.

Which games can you play at casino sites in Vermont?

Due to the fact that offshore sites are freely available, you can literally play anything you want. Yes, that’s true. Residents of ‘gray area’ states like Vermont often find themselves feeling like children in a candy store.

The same titles will probably appear on multiple sites, mostly due to their popularity. As the online casino industry has grown, brands that offer niche or indie games have appeared, as well.

Does this include live dealer titles, too?

Yes, of course. Every state without brick and mortar casinos is bound to have a substantial number of players flocking to live casino sections at various sites. With the help of RNG elements and special bonuses, these games have become far more than just live streams of a dealer doing his or her work. Variations of all kinds exist, so it’s impossible to become bored.

What about payment methods? Which ones are available at Vermont online casinos?

The list of the most popular payment platforms has changed a bit over the years, and casinos available to Vermonters have reflected those changes quite accurately. Credit and debit cards have remained at the top for a number of years, but have lost some users to eWallets, cryptocurrencies, and wire transfers. eChecks are also in use, but very sparingly.

How fast can you expect casino sites in Vermont to send you your withdrawals?

The exact time you have to spend waiting for your money depends on the platform you’re using. It goes something like this:

● eCheck: 4-6 days

● eWallets: instant

● Cryptocurrencies: varies depending on the currency used, but never more than an hour

● Wire transfers: 5-7 days

● Cards: 3-5 days

Fun Facts about Vermont

  • Vermont's the largest producer of marble, talc and maple syrup in the US. The Green Mountain state produces over 1.2 million gallons of maple syrup a year. This adds up to 35% of the nations entire supply. The runner-up is New York, and it produces half that amount. Another thing that Vermont has in abundance is covered bridges. There are 106 covered bridges in VT, and the oldest one was built in 1808 in Middlebury.
  • You must have heard about Scotland’s Loch Ness epic lake monster. Well, it’s not the only one. The Lake Champlain in Vermont is rumored to be the home of Champ, a friendly and strange creature which was photographed by the Discovery Channel crew in 1977. Unfortunately, all the photographs of the creature were debunked, including the Discovery Channel one, as it was almost surely showing a tree trunk. Still, a lot of people claim to have seen it, and the creature is very much alive in the legend.
  • There are no billboards in Vermont. In order to allow people to enjoy the many landscapes and to preserve Vermont’s beautiful nature, the state banned billboards in 1968. In fact, all the signs are strictly regulated and exceptions are made solely for hand-painted murals endorsing tourism.

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