5 Hand Jokers Wild Poker

Free to Play Free 5 Hand Jokers Wild

Jokers Wild gives players an interesting twist to the regular video poker game. As you might imagine, with this game, all of the Jokers are included in the pack of cards and these count as wild, giving more chances of better hands than regular video poker.

With the improved chances of getting big hands, you will find that pairs are generally not included as wins and also, big hands give lower prizes.

Free 5 Hand Jokers Wild

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Free 5 Hand Jokers Wild Video Poker

Jokers Wild poker is a game we all know and love. It's a classic game, where all the Jokers in the pack can replace any card. So, if you have 4 aces and a Joker ,it suddenly becomes a fifth ace and you get a '5 aces' hand (a big win).

The Jokers in the pack also give you a chance much better chance of hitting a royal flush. However, with better chances, come lower odds. That means that if you do hit a royal flush with a joker wild, you will not get paid as much as you would in regular video poker.

This version is a 5 hand jokers wild game, which gives a lot more play for your time, than you would get if it was just a single hand each time. It's a real favorite in casinos across the USA, including Las Vegas casinos like The Rio, The Tropicana, The MGM Grand and The Venetian.


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