Forbidden Dragon Slots Online and Real Money Casino Play

Forbidden Dragon Slots

Forbidden Dragon Slots Online and Real Money Casino Play

There are quite a few Dragon slots out there in Las Vegas, but this one is totally unlike any that has come before. With two slots on the screen, it looks different as soon as you see it.

The main screen on Forbidden Dragons is a standard 4-5 video slot, with stacked wilds, but the second reel is absolutely enormous - 12 rows, in fact. Watch the video to take a look.

Forbidden Dragon Slots in Vegas

These new Colossal Reels slots by WMS are really popular in Las Vegas and Forbidden Dragon is no exception. In fact, when the games were first released, in some casinos you would have been lucky to even get a seat at the game, it was so popular.

Earlier in the year in AC I also found the game to be very popular - one lady stood behind me for a full 25 minutes, just so she could get the seat after I finished - I've never seen that before!

That lack of colossal reels slots to play was only temporary and has now been rectified, with the addition of a huge number of games in most Vegas casinos, meaning it is much easier to find a real money slot machine these days.

The only downside to the huge number of these machines being placed int he casinos is it means that some of the other excellent G+ and G+ Deluxe slots have now gone. Favorites like dragons Fire with the spitting wilds feature are now harder to find.

If you would like to check out some of the other games in the colossal reels series of slots, we have plenty of reviews. If it is the first series (the 'dark' series as we like to call them due to their horror-style themes), check out our pages for Van Helsing and Forbidden Dragons as well as Lil Red Slots and Spartacus Slots.

If it is the second range of colossal reels slots, which are much more classic in their appearance and bonuses (free spins only without any additional features) then see our reviews of Colossal Wizards, the cute-looking Giants Gold slots and the fun Towers of The Temple slot machine.


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