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Hoot Loot is an absolute classic slot game that has been around for over a decade. Recently updated, it has lost none of it's beautiful charm, whilst at the same time demonstrating a new and improved look and feel.

The new version is essentially exactly the same game, but the way it plays (the timing and the way the reels come in) as well as the sound and graphics take it to a whole new level and I have found myself loving the game more than ever.

Free Hoot Loot Slots

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Hoot Loot in Vegas

For a long time, Hoot Loot was in every single Las Vegas casino, but over the years, as the machines aged, it became less popular. Now, with the new glossy version (which we have here for free) it is once again on the up and up.

You can now find Hoot Loot in loads of casinos across the U.S. again, including Las Vegas, AC and Reno. I have a feeling we might see a new version of Hoot Loot soon, just like we have seen multiple versions of Cleopatra slots.

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