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Free Spin Bonuses

What are Free Spin Bonuses?

Just like No Deposit and Deposit Match bonus cash, Free Spins can be awarded before or after you place your first deposit, as a separate welcome bonus offer or as a part of the package that also includes a certain amount of bonus cash.

Free Spins are often a standard part of an online casino's promotional program and they are one of the most common bonus features that can be triggered while playing slots.

Obviously, Free Spins are funded by the casino, which means that the casino members will not be required to load their cashiers in order to play. The Free Spins will simply be added to your account, along with the list of eligible slots.

The value of the bonus rounds is pre-determined by the casino, and, in most cases, the wager is above the minimum betting limit.

As a part of the welcome package, Free Spins are often accompanied by bonus cash, although some casinos will limit the offer to just the spins, especially if the players are not required to deposit before claiming the spins.


Free Spins as a Part of Ongoing Promotional Offers

Free Spins are not reserved for new members only and the return players will often get a chance of winning a certain amount of freebies by taking part in casino's tournaments, claiming daily promotions, etc. Hundreds or even thousands of Free Spins can be won this way.

No Deposit free spins will be unlocked as soon as the player finalises the registration procedure and claims the bonus; the number of free rounds will depend on the provider and can be awarded in a bundle or in instalments. For example, the casino operator may award up to 200 Free Spins, dividing the total into groups of 20, which will be loaded daily onto your account.

The relevant slots will be listed under the Bonus Terms & Conditions section and the selection of games can depend on any number of factors, such as the player's location or the slot ranking and overall popularity. On rare occasions, the players will get to use the Free Spins on slots of their own choice.


Advantages of Free Spins Bonuses

Free Spins can be of immense help when you are on a tight budget. Instead of drying your own funds, the casino will provide you with a decent amount of free play which you can use when your balance starts to drop.

Extra rounds are especially valuable if you are in the stage of exploring the casino or testing a game for hit frequency. Should you discover that a slot is not up your alley, you can simply quit and walk away, without incurring any actual losses.

Before investing any money, you will get a unique opportunity to spend some time in the casino, test a few games and see what the general vibe is like. Most importantly, you can use the time to quiz the casino's customer support and learn everything you need to know about their efficiency and professionalism. This alone will answer any question you have about the casino's reputability.


Are there any Disadvantages to Free Spins Bonuses?

Yes, there are a number of drawbacks to free spin bonuses. High wagering requirements are the main disadvantage of Free Spins, followed by the limited gaming selection and validity period. If you do not manage to use all of your spins within the prescribed period, they will simply expire, leaving you high and dry.

Another shortcoming is that their value is not really a lot to begin with, which means that the payouts will not be impressive, making it much more difficult to meet the wagering requirements.

It should be underlined that this does not come as a strict rule, and one can find online casinos that offer Free Spins without any wagering requirements.



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